Lindsay Lohan’s Courtroom Nails Round 2, Gaga’s Weird Wig…


Here’s what’s going on in the beauty world to take you into your weekend:

Vogue released the March Lady Gaga spread yesterday, bringing us some pretty dresses, bleached eyebrows and one questionable wig. (nymag)

LVMH acquired Nude Skincare so, lucky for all you fans, you can probably expect to see it at more stores soon. (WWD)

Some serious fashion/beauty faux pas of Grammy’s past. Not surprisingly, Christina Aguilera makes the list twice. (BellaSugar)

Alexa Chung chooses to combat freezing fashion week temps by channeling a tropical island on her nails. (Popgloss)

In other nail news, Lindsay Lohan made yet another courtroom mani statement. It’s better than the profanity, but not by much. (Style)

And an appropriate Tweet to begin your NYFW:

114085 1297442325 Lindsay Lohans Courtroom Nails Round 2, Gagas Weird Wig...