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YouTuber Accuses Kylie Jenner of Leaving Dark-Skinned Beauty Bloggers Off Her PR List

"I'm not on her PR list, and I'm most certainly not the only black beauty guru out there."
Kylie Jenner
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Ever since Kylie Jenner dropped her 30-shade concealer range with Kylie Cosmetics in December, there has been a lot of talk about her business and inclusivity. Some claimed that she was bandwagoning on Rihanna‘s success with Fenty Beauty’s 40-shade foundation range, while others argued that diverse shades are never a bad thing.

Though most of the controversy has centered on the Fenty Beauty debate, one YouTuber introduced a new, eyebrow-raising grievance: That Kylie Cosmetics is potentially leaving dark-skinned beauty bloggers and media off its PR list. On Thursday, YouTuber Jackie Aina posted a video accusing the 20-year-old reality star of not sending samples of her concealers to dark-skinned beauty bloggers, Revelist first reported.

At the time of shooting her video, Aina claimed that she had only seen one dark-skinned beauty blogger (MakeupShayla) receive Kylie Cosmetics’ concealers for review, in comparison to several light-skinned influencers. She found the phenomenon puzzling considering Kylie’s push toward diversity with her wide concealer range.

“I’m also very curious to know about Kylie’s outreach and social media,” Aina said. “You went out of your way to make all these beautiful bottom row concealers of darker colors, but I didn’t see a single person, outside of Shayla, reviewing these products.”

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Aina theorized that the issue was because Kylie Cosmetics’s tendency to leave darker-skinned beauty bloggers off its PR list, which sends complimentary products to press and influencers for review. “”I’m not on her PR list, and I’m most certainly not the only black beauty guru out there,” Aina said.

Though there are a few YouTubers who have reviewed the concealers, most of the videos featured individual products instead of the official 40-shade PR box, which suggested that they bought the concealers with their own money. Aina took Kylie Cosmetics to task for its alleged discrimination. “I want to see some reviews from some chocolate reviews. I just want to know where are they,” Aina said.

Aina also pointed out that Kylie Cosmetics hasn’t featured a model “darker than tan” on its Instagram since December 6, when the concealers were announced. Despite her criticism, Aina admitted that her accusations are based purely on speculation.

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“Maybe people aren’t receiving their concealers yet. I don’t know. Maybe she did send them to some more chocolate girls and guys that could review them. I don’t know,” Aina said. “But I kind of feel like you did all that work for nothing by making all those dark colors and then not bothering to send them to any dark-skinned vloggers to review them.”

No word yet on Kylie response to the criticism. Whether Aina’s speculation is true or not, we hope Kylie Cosmetics improves in 2018. Watch Aina’s full review, below.

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