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Kylie Jenner’s Eyebrow Artist Says Thicker Brows Make You Look Younger

Step away from the tweezers.
Kylie Jenner
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Like finding a signature scent or a classic red lipstick, learning to draw and shape the eyebrows is a beauty challenge that never really ends. And while we may resort to YouTube tutorials or makeup counters for help, most celebs have the luxury of a glam squad who do the heavy lifting.

Despite the hint of envy we feel as they walk red carpets in their perfectly arched brows, we’re also grateful when makeup artists, like Kylie Jenner’s brow specialist Erin Bryant, spill their behind-the-scenes secrets. In a recent interview with Stylish, the beauty expert, who also counts Khloe Kardashian and Vanessa Hudgens as clientele, shared foolproof eyebrow advice that doesn’t require fancy products or techniques.

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For starters, shaping tools like stencils aren’t as helpful as you think.  “I find stencils to be less effective when getting a full brow shape because most people’s faces are not 100 percent symmetrical and stencils only offer specific guidelines,” she shared, while also adding that your face shape shouldn’t determine the type of brow you wear.

“I don’t base brow shapes off of a certain face shape, I do it based off of personal facial features. I don’t just stare at Kylie, Khloe or Vanessa. I use their natural features and mark various areas on their face.”

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What she does recommend closely monitoring is the thickness of your brows, since thinner ones tend to age the face.

“When I first did Kylie’s brows, they weren’t bad, but I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them because they were a little too thinned out,” she continued. “…I would recommend that women at any age keep a full, soft brow because it gives them a younger look. Thinned out brows age women.”

With women like Bryant in her inner circle, it’s no wonder Jenner has become a beauty guru in her own right. Excuse us while we throw away our tweezers.

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