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The Best Under-$10 Beauty Products from Forever 21

*Adds all seven to cart.*
7 Best Under-$10 Beauty Products from Forever 21

Lets face it: The Forever 21 shopping experience is a combination of heaven on earth and also our worst nightmare come to life. Yes, you can certainly find dozens of awesome tools, accessories, and clothes amid the pandemonium, but trying to find just one super-unique, high-quality item in a pile of not-so-great products is pretty much the definition of needle in a haystack. But thankfully, there’s one area of Forever 21 that remains untouched by doubt and chaos, and that is the brand’s huge array of insanely cool (and surprisingly cheap) beauty products.

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We’ve all seen the aesthetically pleasing, Instagram-worthy beauty products that are conveniently placed by the registers. You know, the ones you force yourself to look away from because it’s nearly impossible to resist a holographic makeup case or a $3 iridescent eyelash curler. Welp, it’s time to stop avoiding the beauty products in the checkout line and instead make them your first priority, because trust us when we say these products are good. Between the awesome mix of Korean-beauty products, like the Oh K Sleep Mask that plumps and hydrates skin overnight, or the Forever 21 Rainbow Highlighter that will basically transform you into a shimmery unicorn, it’s pretty impossible to be disappointed. Click through to see our favorite under-$10 products from Forever 21, and please accept and our sincerest apologies when your shopping cart inventory magically hits seven.

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