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13 Old Pictures of Britney Spears You Didn’t Know Existed

Happy birthday, Britney! We're sorry we found these photos from the '00s.

It’s Britney Spears’ 35th birthday today (we know—it’s insane, and we’re old), which means it’s time to pull out the embarrassing baby photos and reminisce over our favorite little popstar and her humble beginnings. Except, you know, we don’t have access to any of that, so instead, we’ve dug through the scary depths of the internet to find some of Britney’s first-ever career photos from the late ‘90s and early ‘00s; specifically, the ones you have never seen before, or totally forgot existed. Like this gem:

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britney spears christina aguilera old pictures
Photo: Getty Images

Yup, that’s Britney and a very uncomfortable-looking Christina Aguilera as teenagers. Amazing, right? But *insert game show-host voice* that’s not all we’ve got! We’ve got pictures of Britney Spears in giant, white, zip-off pants, Britney Spears in pigtails and a beanie, and Britney Spears covered in body glitter. Each photo is guaranteed to make your heart cry with nostalgia while you wish for the good ol’ days of TRL, Disney Channel Original Movies, and Britney Spears alternating between wearing giant snakes and velour sweat suits. Click through to get your early aughts fill, and then silently wish Britney Spears a very happy birthday.

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