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Bloggers Spill: “My Weirdest Beauty Tricks”

Washing your hair with beer? Interesting...
Weird Beauty Tricks From Bloggers
Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

It’s the season of tricks and treats, so we asked some of our favorite beauty bloggers for their tips. From washing your hair with beer to a new use for toilet seat covers, these weird tricks are really, really good.

“Before I fly, I dab Los Poblanos Albuquerque lavender salve (which has antibacterial properties) on the inside of my nostrils. I have no proof, but I’m convinced it protects me from germ-infested airplane air!”
—Nadine Jolie, blogger and author, (NadineJolie.comBeauty Confidential

“I occasionally wash my hair with beer!  It sounds crazy but beer contains proteins that are proven to help repair hair that’s been damaged by the sun, chlorine, etc. and it also does an amazing job cleansing my scalp.”
—Jamie Stone (

“As long as I can remember, I have been using Vicks Vapor Rub for a multitude of beauty related issues.  I use it on my hands and feet to get rid of any nail fungus I may have contracted from a dodgy mani/pedi (it totally works).  I also dab it on my cheeks in the winter before I go out if it’s below freezing—it keeps my cheeks from getting dry in the cold!”
Lianne Farbes (

“I use the Canadian version of Preparation H to smooth the crow’s feet!”
Zippy Sandler (

“I have very oily skin. Yet, I can never seem to remember to put blotting papers in my purse. If my skin gets shiny while I’m out, I’ll head to the bathroom and use toilet seat covers to blot away excess oil.”
Sydne Summer (

“I love my natural color in the summer. It’s a rich chestnut with auburn highlights, but in the winter it’s downright mousy. I add freeze-dried coffee grinds to my conditioner, let it sit for 10 minutes as I shave my legs and do other things, and then rinse. My hair is tinted a rich, chocolate brown by the time I’m out. The best part is it smells great and washes out in one to two shampoos.”
—Bryce Gruber (

“This sounds strange, I know, but immediately after applying lipstick I put one finger in my mouth, close my lips around it and draw it out (like a
lollipop).  It removes any pigment from my inner lips that would otherwise smudge on my teeth when I smile.”
—Jeannine Morris (

“For those drastic moments when acne rears its ugly head, look no further than your kitchen!  One of the best and strongest astringents/ acne fighting treatments is Apple Cider Vinegar.  Simply pour a little bit on a cotton ball and apply to the face as you would a toner.  It is very powerful, and a little stinky, but well worth it for the results! I will take smelling like a salad over a face full of acne any day.”
—Christina Farrell (

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