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Would You Try a Color-Changing Lipstick?

We did. Here's what happened.
Would You Try a Color-Changing Lipstick?
mood matcher
Photo: MOODmatcher

We have favorite beauty products for a reason—they’re just so perfect, it’s like they were made just for us. So what about the breed of makeup that promises total personalization for the ultimate custom color? Welcome to the brave new world of mood-matching makeup.

That’s right: the ’90s beauty classic is back, in a surprisingly chic new way. Excuse us as these Hypercolor-inspired products give us flashbacks to our teen years, where mood rings seemed way cooler than diamonds.

The new product goes by the name of MOODmatcher. It’s an entire lip product company that makes products that react with your “body’s chemistry” to form personalized colors—or something that matches your “mood.” We tried the MOODmatcher Luxe Twist Sticks ($10,, a series of six chunky lip crayons that come in all different colors but then, of course, change.

They promise a 12-hour wear (not bad, eh?), are made with soothing ingredients like aloe and vitamin E, and feel like lip balm on your lips—but leave behind a flattering stain, so your color lasts all day.

Three colors arrived on our desks—yellow, pink, and orange—and being the brave souls that we are, we tested them all.

First up, the pale pink crayon. After one of our editors applied it, we watched this color turn into a very flattering bright pink, glossy shade that lasted all day.

Another worried editor tested out the yellow, thinking she’d get a weird color that she’d immediately have to wipe off. Nope. It transformed into a pretty pale pink, just a step richer than her natural lip hue—total My Lips But Better status. The wear? Decent.

The orange ended up being nearly identical to the pale pink crayon, with maybe a hint of coral worked in there. A great summer shade, for sure.

So were they more than just a novelty? Surprisingly, yes. The whole color-changing thing is what draws you in, but the wear is impressive. Plus, they didn’t leave our lips feeling dry or uncomfortable and gave us a stain that rivals many pricier lip products we’ve tried.

They seem a little daunting, but considering all of the crayons gave us a slightly different version of pink, you don’t need to be worried about walking around with turquoise lips. Do they replace our go-tos? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t add them into rotation.

And at the very least, it gives the beauty lover who always plays it safe a little taste of spontaneity. Not to mention nostalgia is always in fashion.

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