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10 Top Beauty Bloggers Share Their Best Beauty Tricks and Fall Must-Haves

10 Top Beauty Bloggers Share Their Best Beauty Tricks and Fall Must-Haves

The beauty industry has numerous spokes to its ever-turning wheel—from hair and makeup stylists to product innovators—all tasked with finding new ways to keep us gorgeous from day to day. But where do beauty fans hear about the latest trends to buy and products to purchase? Increasingly, it’s online.

Bloggers have become a force to be reckoned with in all industries, but in the beauty world, they’re especially powerful—doling out honest opinions on products (often without a care for advertisers), giving behind-the-scenes access, and being intimate with their (devoted) followings. By creating an online conversation both on their blog platforms and on various social media outlets, beauty bloggers know how to get down and dirty with a product—and will reveal if a certain product doesn’t give the results it should.

But who are the real women behind your favorite blogs? We brought ten of the best beauty bloggers into our studios to talk about the products they’re relying on this fall, the best beauty tricks they’ve learned along the way, and—of course—what advice they’d give others trying to start a career in the beauty blogging business.

Photographer: Marley Kate
Hair and Makeup: Nicole Bridgeford
Graphic Design: Rolando Robinson
Editorial Director: Marni Golden
Beauty Director: Rachel Adler

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