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Sarah Hyland Talks About What Scent She Wore to Prom, Beauty Must-Haves & More

Sarah Hyland Talks About What Scent She Wore Prom, Beauty Must-Haves & More

Modern Family” actress Sarah Hyland may be known for her sassy attitude as Haley Dunphy, but with her first official beauty campaign for Heart Calgon, the 22-year-old is showing the world her sweet and innocent side. Heart Calgon, the bath and body line’s teenage spin for the iconic brand, features four different fragrances such as “Sweet Crush” “Fresh Start” “Rock Steady” and “Hot Date,” all available this spring. With playful packaging and fun and bold campaign imagery to match, Heart Calgon is meant to let girls find the scents that really vibe with their own unique personalities.

We had a minute to chat with Hyland recently about her favorite Heart Calgon scents, her beauty must-haves and her always-gorgeous eyelashes. Below she spills the deets on her best beauty secrets and the fragrance that she wore to prom:

Beauty High: Are you a scent person? Is working with Calgon right up your alley?

Sarah Hyland: I think it’s great because I love scents, and I love playing with different ones. Especially with body mist, it’s not as intense as a perfume. That’s why I like this so much. It’s really fresh and easy.

What was the first scent you ever bought or that was given to you?

I’m sure that I played with a lot of perfumes from my mom or grandma, or body mists like Bath & Body Works kind of stuff probably. But the first one that I really remember that was mine was “Dream Angel” by Victoria’s Secret at my 8th grade prom.

Do you have any beauty must-haves that you need to have with you at all times?

Other than Heart Calgon? Neutrogena makeup-remover wipes.

Which Heart Calgon scent do you most relate to? What’s your favorite one?

My favorite is “Fresh Start.” It has apple, jasmine, and lily in it. And I like it because it feels like, it makes you smells like you just got out of the laundromat or something.

Are you a big makeup person in life? Do you wear makeup or do you go outside without it?

In the summer, I don’t wear a lot of makeup just because you get your tan, and you don’t really even need makeup. You have color on your face already. I’m definitely a person that needs to feel like summer all the time, so I use bronzer.

Do you have a favorite one?

I think Tarte bronzer, like “Park Avenue Princess” … I haven’t actually bought a bronzer in a while.

Do you ever learn really good hair or makeup tips on set from any of the shows that you’ve done or movies? What’s your number one tip that you’ve learned from somebody?

Aquaphor is really good—it’s a great moisturizer for your lips. When you’re sick, it’s the best. If your nose gets all raw it fixes it—it’s like magic.

Can we talk about your eyelashes for a minute? They’re amazing! Are those all real?

No. They’re tiny strips.

Does the makeup artist put them in individually? 

This is a strip. I try—I’m a big eyelash person—so for stuff like this, I like to put them on but I have no clue how to put them on by myself.

Do you generally like to play up a certain feature, like your eyes or your lips?

Yeah, I like to play up my eyelashes a lot because I have such big eyes. I’d be like an alien without them, sticking straight up.

You have so many things going on right now. What’s next for you? What do you hope to do in the future?

Right now, I’m filming “Bonnie & Clyde,” so I’m going to be doing that for a couple more months. Then I’m doing something after that but I’m not allowed to talk about it. Then after that, I don’t know, it’s starting to build up. Then we go back to “Modern Family” in August. Now, I’m just such a workaholic that I like to go from piece to piece, but now I’m starting to think maybe I should try to find a way to go to Hawaii, or something.

On “Modern Family,” you play a girl who’s constantly making bad choices. Do you feel like in your hair and makeup, there’s ever been a portion of your life where you thought, “What was I thinking?”

When I was thirteen, I was in ninth grade, so I was thirteen or fourteen and I thought that if I used eyeliner as eyeshadow, it was cool. It was a green-ish, not like green-green, but a light green and a light purple, and I thought it was super awesome. I’d use these two eyeliners, and I’m pretty sure that I would mix concealer as foundation. It’s not like it looked awful, but I remember that someone was like, “You’re not supposed to use it all over your face.” I didn’t realize that there was a difference between foundation and concealer, so probably that.

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