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Beauty Bloggers Share Their New Year’s Resolutions

What's your resolution?
New Year's Resolutions: Beauty Bloggers Share Their Own

new year's resolutions

New year, new you? We don’t know about that, but the new year is a great time to embrace some positive new habits. We asked our very favorite beauty bloggers what their beauty resolutions were and we’re inspired!

“My resolution is to exfoliate at least every other day with my favorite slougher, Joanna Vargas’ The Exfoliating Mask, to ward off acne.”
Amber Katz,

“My beauty resolution  is to try to use products with as few ingredients as possible. You know, the same way everyone is watching the stuff they put in their bodies with processed food, that’s my plan for beauty!”
Bryce Gruber,

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“I resolve to experiment more with my makeup! I think it’s easy for every woman to stick with what she knows works for her out of convenience, but this year I am vowing to have a bit more fun with my makeup stash!”
Chrissy Callahan, Freelance beauty and fashion writer 

“My New Year’s beauty resolution is to be better about putting SPF on my arms every day! I do so much driving around in LA and my arms keep getting more and more freckles (e.g. sun damage).”
Jamie Stone,

“I resolve to eat as many dark, leafy, vitamin packed greens as possible in 2014. What you eat very much shows up on your skin, so here’s hoping I’ll spinach-and-kale my way to a healthy complexion!” Nadine Jolie Courtney,

“I resolve to never go to sleep with my makeup on. I’ve been guilty of crashing after a big night out, only to wake in the morning looking like a zombie (dark around the eyes, pale skin, etc). I’m loading up on those quick cleansing wipes for nights when I just can’t deal with the whole process of cleansing, serums and moisturizers. This way I can wipe and slather on moisturizer in less than 2 minutes.”
Zippy Sandler,

“To remember both to wash my face every night (hell0, Clarisonic, my old friend) and to apply my nightly serums and moisturizers. More often than not, I fall into bed without doing either, and wake up regretting it!”

Adina Zilberman,

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“New Year’s beauty resolutions can be tricky, if they aren’t quickly worked into one’s daily or weekly routine. Mine are to rigorously experiment with darker lipstick shades, which I think could be a nice winter switch up from my usual go-tos of coral and and blue-reds!”
Julia DiNardo,

“My resolution this year is to take vitamins. I’ve always been very focused on my lifestyle as a selective vegan (I can’t resist anything chocolate), but I haven’t always taken the proper vitamins to supplement my lifestyle.  While I’m at it, I’ll be taking all of the skin, hair and nail pills in the world, too. Cheers to that!”
Jeannine Morris,

“In 2014 I’m going to start trying to remember to apply sunscreen to my chest. In recent years I’ve been better at daily face sunscreen. But as I’m getting older, I’m learning there’s other places you get wrinkles too!”
Sydne Summer,

Image via Gary Buss/Getty Images

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