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The Worst Mistakes You Make When Applying Concealer

Have you been doing it wrong this whole time?
Mistakes to Avoid When Applying Concealer

how to apply concealer

Whether you’re covering up blemishes or prepping your skin, concealer is a must have. But chances are that you might be making some avoidable mistakes with your makeup, or even worse; you might not being using this multi-purpose product to its full potential. In order to avoid any of the above, we’ve put together some of the common concealer related mistakes, and some cool tricks you probably never considered before!

Using your fingers: You may have heard this is a great way to apply concealer because it helps smoothen the application. We’re sorry to say that you’ve been misinformed. When applying makeup, our hands touch a variety of other products, and when we finally get to our concealer, there might be remnants on your fingers, which can end up casting a shadow over your concealer. Save yourself the trouble (and mess) and invest in a concealer brush or applicator for a flawless application.

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There is a time and place for every texture: Like all makeup, different kinds do different things. Concealers come in different shades and textures, so make sure you’re matching the texture to its use. For example, a liquid concealer is preferable for under eye application, as opposed to a cream concealer which can crease and look cake-y under the eyes.

Tap, don’t stroke: This is another common mistake when applying concealer. Whatever tool you’re using to apply your concealer, use light tapping motions to blend the product in. This will result in an airbrush-like finish.

Powder up: This is an often overlooked rule when using any type of liquid makeup. Some might not see the importance of setting your makeup, especially concealer, but this keeps the product from sliding off your face later in the day.

Not using it as foundation: For those who haven’t discovered the magic of using concealer as foundation, listen up. When you’re looking for a lighter coverage, swap your foundation for your a pump or two of your favorite concealer in the spots that need a bit of evening.

Prep and Prime: Priming your face before makeup application is a must. Use concealer to prep your eyes and lips before applying any product over top. It works as a neutralizing base and allows the colors of your eyeshadow or lipstick to pop. A lighter shade also makes your lips look larger, giving you the effect of a plumped pout.

A little goes a long way: We all make the mistake of thinking that we need more product than we actually do, but when it comes to concealer, less is more! The less concealer you apply, the more natural your makeup will look. Plus, using it sparingly means spending less money. Win-win.

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After or before foundation? The question about whether we should apply concealer before or after foundation is an age old one. There really is no right or wrong answer for everyone. Both methods produce different results, so if to cover up under eye circles, apply before foundation. If you’d like a blemish free complexion, we suggest you apply after foundation.

Contour and highlight: Want some contouring a la Kim Kardashian? Put your concealer palette to use! Use a darker shade to contour your cheekbones, jawline and nose. Then use a lighter concealer can help draw light to the center of your nose, center of your forehead and the apples of your cheeks.

Wipe it off: Taking off any type of makeup is necessary, but especially liquid makeup. Leaving concealer or foundation on overnight might result in blocked pores, which leads to a plethora of skin troubles. Get yourself some good makeup remover wipes and a gentle facial cleanser to really get the most out of your beauty sleep.

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