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8 Tricks To Make Your Face Appear Slimmer In Photos

No one likes to take a bad selfie, ever.
8 Tricks To Make Your Face Appear Slimmer In Photos

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Everyone loves a selfie or two, but as they say, the camera adds ten pounds. Well what do you do to make your face appear slimmer in photos? Don’t look too far, you can use your makeup skills to help sculpt and shape your face to make it appear much more defined. Below are the best tricks to help you get the most out of your next selfie – or you know, an actual photo with friends!

1. Bronze Beauty: Bronzer can help make your face look a lot more defined, so apply a bronzer that’s a tone or two darker than your skin tone along your jawline (but remember to blend). This will help sculpt and define your jaw.

2. Skip the heavy foundation: For photos, stick to tinted moisturizer or some concealer. A camera’s flash isn’t flattering when paired with a lot of foundation.

3. Frame the face: The eyebrows frame the face, so it is important to pay close attention to them, especially when trying to slim the face. Create a natural arch, this helps slim the face and translates well into photos.

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4. Intensify your cheekbones: Apply a contouring powder to the angles of your cheeks and blend adequately, this will give you sharper cheekbones, which will work to make your face appear slimmer.

5. Don’t forget to highlight: Ever wonder how celebrities get that gorgeous glow in photos? Well it isn’t always the filter. Finish off  your contoured cheek with some highlighter, also apply it to the bridge of your nose, your cupid’s bow and your jawline.

6. Make under eye circles disappear: Well temporarily of course, cover up with some concealer that is a little lighter than your skin tone, this makes you look more awake and also has a slimming effect.

7. Skip the apples: Forget about applying blush on the apple of your cheeks, this can actually draw more attention to that area. Sweep some blush underneath your cheekbones.

8. Contour your nose, too: Your nose is the centerpiece of your face, you can’t work on slimming your face without spending some time on your nose. Try contouring the upper sides of your nose, this works best when you’ve applied highlighter to the bridge.

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