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Secret Beauty Ingredient: Elderflower

Elderflower can be more than just a pretty scent.
Secret Beauty Ingredient: Elderflower

We often purchase beauty products because of the pull quotes on the front of the packages touting the seemingly impossible results. Unless you’re especially thorough, you skip the ingredients list on the back of the package – a crucial mistake made by many. “Secret Beauty Ingredient” is our way of finding those beauty ingredients that are becoming staples in the beauty world, or sometimes even better – beauty breakthroughs.

Every girl enjoys getting flowers from time to time, so you can imagine how thrilled we are about flowers being in our beauty products too (elderflower to be exact). The elderflower shurb, which produces blue/black berries in the fall, is gathered for its extract which is often found in a slew of beauty products. It also has softening, anti-inflammatory, and anti-wrinkle properties—just about everything a girl could want in her skincare products!

Aside from the fresh, glowing skin that elderflower infused products will help you to achieve, this magical ingredient can also be found in hair care and in teas. That’s right—drinking elderflower helps fend off the common cold, treats allergies, acts as an anti-inflammatory, and also acts as a diuretic. Beauty benefits from the inside-out? We’ll take it!

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