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Become a Better Beauty Shopper: 5 Things To Keep in Mind Before Making Your Next Purchase

Stop and think before you swipe that credit card.
Things to Think About to Become a Better Beauty Shopper
Poba / Getty Images
Poba / Getty Images
Poba / Getty Images

It’s the truth—shopping for beauty items that fit your personality, budget, and needs is an art and a skill that is sharpened over time. Luckily, emptying out your bank account in hopes of fulfilling the “practice makes perfect” philosophy isn’t the only way to learn these lessons and become a more experienced (and better) beauty shopper. Between reading reviews, studying prices, and just chatting with your friends, there are steps you can implement into your shopping routine to make sure you score the best and most practical product for your needs.

Because let’s face it, we’ve all thrown out way too much body lotion. Get started today with these helpful tips.

Read Reviews
You see a commercial on TV promoting a new product. It looks like the solution to all your beauty problems, right? Before you hop online and order it in bulk, do some research and read reviews—especially if it’s not at a drugstore price. There are plenty of websites (Beauty High being one of them!) and forums that discuss the newest products out on the market. And when product ads start screening on your television, they’re more than likely already out and available. Someone is bound to have picked it up and tried it out. Scan the reviews and check to see if the item targets your concerns or if women are seeing positive results.

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Study Product’s Shelf-Life
It’s a fact. Beauty products have expiration dates—so if you’re still trying to span out the life of your treasured red lipstick that was purchased four years ago, you need to know it’s time to toss it in the trash. Why is this important when it comes to becoming a better beauty shopper? If you have a hard time getting through a jar of moisturizer (that you continue to open and close and apply with your hands, thus transferring bacteria) before it reaches its expiration date, perhaps an economy-size tub isn’t for you. You might end up throwing most of it out in the long run, thus wasting your hard-earned cash. Step back and analyze your habits before making a purchase.

Is This Product Different From the 12 Other Eye Shadow Palettes You Own?
We get it—it’s hard not to indulge in a new eye shadow palette. The hues are untouched and absolutely gorgeous, and throwing it in your bag takes little to no effort. Before making the big purchase, seriously consider if this product is different from the other ones you already own. Do all your neutral palettes back at home have a matte finish? Is the one in the store metallic and creamy? If so, by all means, indulge!

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Study Prices
Some beauty products are sold straight from the brand’s website as well as in department stores. And often, they are at competitive prices. Once you learn about the new product, check the brand’s actual website, as well as stores like Sephora, Ulta, and major department stores for the best price before purchasing it.

Test It Out
After you’ve read the reviews, take that extra step of testing out the product for yourself to insure total product satisfaction. Just because one person dislikes it, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. People have different skin and hair needs, and not all cosmetic colors complement everyone in the exact same way. Stores like Sephora, Ulta, and even Kohl’s have disposable tools that allow you test products out for yourself, while makeup artists at department store or brand store makeup counters are able to show you how the product works (and how to apply it) by giving you mini makeovers.

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