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Remove Long-Wear Makeup With Ease

Don't scrub your skin to death with these tricks!
Remove Long-Wear Makeup With Ease

After a long day at work or school, the last thing you want to struggle with is removing your makeup. As convenient as they may be, a new crop of long-wearing makeup can actually be more difficult to remove then anticipated. We all know sleeping in makeup is an absolute no-no, but how can you ensure you’ve really taken off the last traces? We had a few experts weigh in on how to guarantee that you go to bed with a clean slate. Read on for more details!

Start With A Makeup Wipe
“Long wearing or heavy makeup removal is like cleaning a floor, you have to sweep before you mop,” explains Benefit Makeup Master, José Rivera. “Start with a makeup wipe or a waterproof eye makeup remover all over the face, then move onto your facial cleanser.”

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Treat Eye Makeup Accordingly
“Most eye makeup today is waterproof, so just rinsing it with soap and water won’t really remove it,” says Avon’s Global Celebrity Make Up Artist, Lauren Andersen. “Instead, try a makeup remover that was specifically designed to whisk away eye makeup, like Avon’s Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover Lotion. It’s gentle enough that it won’t irritate your eyes, plus it hydrates your skin as it cleans.”

Remove Lipstick Stains With Ease
“You are going to need an oil-based cleanser to remove long lasting lipstick,” shares makeup artist and cosmetics founder Susan Posnick. “If you are [consistently] using  long-lasting lipsticks it is probably drying out your lips so you are going to want exfoliate to keep them smooth and supple. I suggest creating a mix of sugar and olive oil to create a rub to remove stubborn color.”

Consider A Face Oil
“Oils are also excellent at removing heavy-duty makeup,” explains Jo Levy, Director of Artistry at Rouge Bunny Rouge. “Simply apply a dime sized amount of cleansing oil onto hands, then apply onto skin using circular motions to cleanse, follow by adding a bit of luke warm water to allow the oil to turn into a milky emulsification. Finish by rinsing clean.”

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Erase The Final Touches of Makeup
“After any cleansing routine, double check by refreshing the skin with a toning lotion like Benefit’s Moisture Prep Toning Lotion on a cotton round, which uncovers any remnants of makeup while rebalancing the pH of your skin,” says Rivera who works with stars like Kelly Ripa and Ashanti.

Prep Your Skin For Application
“[Always apply] moisturizer first, followed by a skin smoothing primer layered over to create a long lasting base underneath your makeup,” explains Levy. “I really love Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin Primer because it acts as a skin ‘resurfacer’ smoothing out fine lines and minimizing pores. This trick works well for around the eye are as well!”

Keep Your Skin Looking Hydrated
“To keep my clients’ skin from drying out, I like to use Avon’s moisturizing BB cream under foundation,” says Andersen. “It helps to keep skin hydrated, and it prevents foundation from clumping or caking.”

Know What “Waterproof” Really Means
Waterproof makeup works by having chemicals in them that adhere to your skin,” shares Posnick. “If something is deemed waterproof you are going to need a remover – typically an oil based product because that will break down the makeup. I [personally] like baby oil or coconut oil actually.”

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