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Makeup Tips for Making Blue Eyes Pop

It's all about picking complimentary colors.
Makeup Tips to Make Blue Eyes Pop

Probably one of the first areas of beauty customization, especially when it comes to highlighting your features, is picking out makeup that will compliment and bring out the color of your eyes. Got blue eyes and want to know what you can do to make them pop? It’s as simple as learning the color wheel, and it’s a tip that works for every eye hue too.

Today we’re tackling tips for blue eyes! Those with this particular color—whether they’re icy or hold a greenish-grey tint—can benefit from taking a look at the shade that’s oppositely placed on that wheel of pretty hues. Yep, instead of painting on the bright blue shadow signature to the 80s, you should reach for something else entirely.

The color we’re referring to is orange. But don’t panic—we’re not suggesting you coat your lids, cheeks, and lips with only tangerine and neon shades in order to give blue eyes some action. It’s all about finding hues in that particular color family or close to it.

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For example, when it comes to creating a wearable, day or night, eye-makeup look that compliments those peepers, go for warmer browns, bronze, and gold shades that feel a bit more orange than they do yellow. When asked the best shadow shades to compliment blue eyes, Avon celebrity makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan told us during our @BeautyHigh #BeautyChat that she suggests these colors—and has blue eyes and wears these colors, too!

And when you look at the palettes on the market made in mind for this eye color, it makes a lot of sense. Gorgeous Cosmetics‘ shadow quad consists of a cream, black, and two warm brown colors. Other palettes on the market that are made to highlight blue eyes include shades like pinkish creams and browns and even grey colors. In fact, L’Oreal’s Studio Secrets Professional The One Sweep even features a bright baby blue.

If you’re looking to use blue colors to highlight the color of your eyes, reach for one with contrast. Instead of using black eyeliner, try a dark navy blue along your upper lashes or even a turquoise along your lower lash line.

Your lips aren’t excluded from this makeup technique. You can pick a lipstick color to make your blue eyes pop, too. Orange-reds are trending and give you the complimentary contrast you need to make each hue pop. Check out this model’s look above and you’ll get the picture. For a softer approach, try on a coral or an orangey-pink.

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