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The Most Beautiful Eyeshadow Palettes For Every Zodiac Sign—Starting at $25

The Libra one is almost too spot-on.
Eye Shadow Palettes for Astrology Sign
Image: Athr Beauty; Natasha Denona; Adobe. Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster

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Each one of the 12 zodiac signs is beautiful in its own distinct, special way. Whether it’s the dreamy rose-colored world of a Cancer or Libra’s love of opulence, channeling your sign’s unique aura into a makeup look will make you feel even more connected to the stars.

For many of us, a dash of eyeshadow is as crucial to our daily routines as reading our horoscopes, so why not indulge in a palette that befits your most celestial qualities? We used our intel on all things astrology and all things beauty to find the most perfect eyeshadow palettes for every astrological sign. Aries gets a flaming color story, while Cancer’s palette is all about matters of the heart. Each eyeshadow palette has been carefully picked out to match all the signs, so be sure to check the picks for your sun, rising and moon signs.

Starting at $25, browse our specially curated picks below. Then go make yourselves beautiful, you gorgeous zodiac-loving babes.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina® Mini Pro Pigment Palette Vol 1
Courtesy of Sephora.

Aries: Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Mini Pro Pigment Palette 

Aries, you are bold and optimistic. Your character fills up the room. The beloved ram is also notoriously impatient and loves a quick, easy fix for any situation. Show off your fiery flare for life with this mini palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Norvina line; it features highly-pigmented reddish and purple shades with two pops of gold for the ultimate rave-ready look.

The highly curated color story ensures that any shade you choose will work perfectly with the others. You can rock an editorial look with multiple colors and blending, or wear one on its own as a monochromatic wash of color. Plus, the small size stashes away easily in your tiny party clutch for on-the-go touchups.

Nars Summer Unrated Eyeshadow Palette
Courtesy of Sephora.

Taurus: Nars Summer Unrated Eyeshadow Palette

Taurus is both deeply practical and deeply sensual. Deep believers who maintain less is more, Taurus also appreciates subtle luxury that enhances their natural allure. Indulge your inner bull with Nars’ new Summer Unrated palette, an earthy color story for crafting the ultimate smoky eye—perfect for a date night in with a glass of wine and a home-cooked dinner.

Natasha Denona Zendo Eyeshadow Palette
Courtesy of Sephora.

Gemini: Natasha Denona Zendo Eyeshadow Palette

If there’s one thing Gemini appreciates, it’s a variety of choices for every conceivable situation. The Twins are, naturally, the sign of duality, though don’t call them black-and-white absolutists: their dichotomy is about one choice versus all the choices. And with Natasha Denona’s gorgeous Zendo palette, you can create a variety of looks for parties, shows, dates, readings and art exhibits—all of the cultural activities that stimulate Gemini’s inquisitive mind. Plus, it comes in a mini size for just $25, giving Gemini even more options they’ll love.

Natasha Denona Mini Love Eyeshadow Palette
Courtesy of Sephora.

Cancer: Natasha Denona Mini Love Eyeshadow Palette

Dearest Cancer, so full of sweetness and love. They live their life wearing rose-tinted glasses, seeing people and the world in the best possible light and embracing every emotion with passion and earnestness. Capture the crab’s deep well of devotion with Natasha Denona’s aptly-titled Mini Love Palette, featuring pinks and mauves for the ultimate romantic look—after all, there’s nothing Cancer loves more than batting their lashes at the beauty of the world.


Pat McGrath Bridgerton MTHRSHP: Diamond of the First Water Eyeshadow Palette
Courtesy of Sephora.

Leo: Pat McGrath Labs Bridgerton MTHRSHP

Leo is absolute royalty, and they want everyone to know it. The king of the jungle demands luxury as befitting their throne, and Pat McGrath’s famed eyeshadow formula is the best on the market. For Bridgerton’s second season, PML collaborated on another makeup drop inspired by the Regency-era show, and the Diamond of the First Water palette was practically made for the aesthetically-obsessed Leo. That gorgeous blue iridescent shade will catch everyone’s eye, giving Leo the attention they deserve.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Primrose All In One Face & Eye Shadow Palette
Courtesy of Sephora.

Virgo: Anastasia Beverly Hills Primrose All In One Face & Eye Shadow Palette

Virgo is lowkey the best sign of the zodiac, and that’s how they prefer to keep it. The sign of perfection and attention to detail, Virgo prefers to do rather than talk and let the results speak for themselves. In keeping with their precision, ABH’s Primrose palette offers them the full range of makeup looks by including blush and bronzer in one convenient package. Virgo loves sensibility, so not having to juggle several different products will appeal to their practical nature. But don’t mistake their reserved personality for submission: Virgos are full of passion, and will express it beautifully with these classic colors.

MAKEUP BY MARIO Master Metallics® Eyeshadow Palette
Courtesy of Sephora.

Libra: MAKEUP BY MARIO Master Metallics Eyeshadow Palette

If Virgo’s sense of perfection is a gentle whisper, Libra’s perfection is legend. The sign of the scales are famed for their exquisite aesthetic taste; they want the world to look as beautiful as their vision and are always the most stylish person in the room. The Master Metallics palette by celeb makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic will make Libra look like a million bucks with the deep moss greens and sparkles like precious jewels in silver and gold. Plus, Dedivanovic is Kim Kardashian’s former go-to makeup artist, and Kardashian is a Libra queen.

Natasha Denona Mini Xenon Eyeshadow Palette
Courtesy of Sephora.

Scorpio: Natasha Denona Mini Xenon Eyeshadow Palette

Scorpio, your desire and mystery are unmatched. This sign is deeply in touch with their sexuality, but their capacity for love is rivaled only by their physical lust. With Natasha Denona’s mini Xenon palette, the scorpion can create a dramatic, ferocious smoky wing that leaves no questions about their intentions for the night. After all, when a Scorpio trains their fierce gaze upon you, you belong to them forever.


Violet Voss Sea You Later Eyeshadow and Pressed Pigment Palette
Courtesy of Sephora.

Sagittarius: Violet Voss Sea You Later Eyeshadow and Pressed Pigment Palette

Sags, the world would be so boring without you. Like the archer that represents this sign, you inject fun, entertainment, and joy into the world with a healthy dose of uniquely Sag sazón. And Sagittarius loves traveling, sprinkling their zest for life everywhere they go. The Sea You Later palette by Violet Voss couldn’t be more perfect for them; the tropical theme appeals to their jet-setting ways, while the bright colors suit their giant personalities—if you can catch them in one place!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette
Courtesy of Sephora.

Capricorn: Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette

Ah Capricorn, the most misunderstood of all the signs. There’s nothing boring about the goat; in fact, they are truly the GOATs. If you want something to get done, ask a Capricorn to do it, and it will be accomplished before you can blink. But Caps play just as hard as they work and expect their makeup to go the distance, as well. ABH’s Soft Glam palette is a classic for a reason: its soft tones are universally flattering and will never go out of style, whether you’re crafting a smoky eye or a flirty pink-toned daytime look.



Natasha Denona Pastel Eyeshadow Palette
Courtesy of Sephora.

Aquarius: Natasha Denona Pastel Eyeshadow Palette

The water bearer is a singular personality among us. Aquarians love living their own little worlds, and while they may seem aloof, they’re just enjoying a higher plane of existence than the rest of us. For a sign that loves anything mystical and supernatural, the new pastel eyeshadow palette from Natasha Denona will allow them to live out their ethereal fantasies right here on planet Earth.


Athr Beauty Moonlight Crystal Eyeshadow Palette
Courtesy of Sephora.

Pisces: Athr Beauty Moonlight Crystal Eyeshadow Palette

While Aquarius is fascinated by all things supernatural and psychic, Pisces are actually psychic. No other sign in the zodiac is as deeply intuitive as the fish, and they possess a tremendous ability to read the emotions of other people as easily as a book. This magical quality can have its downsides—Pisces live and breathe their feelings, and sometimes they sink down into their own abyss, but it just takes a moonlit night to coax them back out into the world. Capture that moonlight with this stunning palette from Athr Beauty, with cool-toned colors resembling crystals glittering at night.

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