Yes, Oil Is Showing Up in All Your Makeup—Why You Should Embrace It

Rachel Krause

Remember when we all collectively realized that oil wasn’t the pore-clogging, acne-causing devil we’d believed it to be? Discovering that certain formulas had very real skin-care benefits was a game changer, and we—and everyone else—have been evangelizing them ever since. There’s one for every complexion complaint, from dull, dry skin to bad breakouts. Real talk: A healthy amount of oil-based skin care can even, counterintuitively, make skin less oily by balancing sebum overproduction. It is, somehow, science.

And so the great oil scare has come to an end. People can’t get enough, so it makes plenty of sense that brands are infusing not just skin care with them, but now makeup, too. It’s a revolution of sorts (well, as much as beauty trends can be); oil-free is no longer the big buzzword. Now you’ll find the stuff in your lipsticks, your foundations, your primers, and even your blush. It’s great! Oils hydrate and soften and so much more, depending on which one you choose. Why wouldn’t you want them in your makeup?

With Giorgio Armani, Smashbox, Yves Saint Laurent, Tarte, and the much-hyped Milk Makeup kicking off the oil-turned-makeup movement, there’s no hope in trying to evade it. Buy into it instead, with these eight new choices. It’s really the best of both worlds—there’s no better way to get moisture and makeup all in one go. You know you want to.