What Other Makeup Can I Wear With Orange Lipstick?

Kristin Gallegos

Dear Kristin, 

Orange lipstick…what other makeup should I wear with it?!



I love a bright lip, especially for Spring! It’s such a fun and fresh look! I think just about anyone can pull off this look with a little bit of confidence. Orange is a great color because it pretty much goes with any skin tone. The awesome thing about lipstick is that you can get it in various consistencies. You could go super bold and do a really opaque matte orange or you can do the opposite and go with a glossy, sheer-orange which will be a lot more natural. The easiest shades to wear are those with more of a blue base to them as opposed to a yellow base. A few of my favorite oranges are MAC Lady Danger (deep matte orange/red), MAC Morange (vibrant shade of glossy orange), and Make Up Forever N43 Orange (a transparent, glossy orange/coral).

If you are going to go bold with your lip whether it be a deep red/orange or a bright orange you are going to want to keep the focus on your lips and keep the rest of the face more minimal. I would suggest focusing on making your skin beautiful and fresh. If you go with a matte lip, add some dewy shine to your cheeks. A favorite product of mine is Weleda Skin Food. It is a rich whole face/body cream.It’s amazing to highlight the face with, but I wouldn’t suggest using it all over your face as you might look greasy. But if you put it on the cheekbones and the bow of the mouth it is beautiful! It really brings your skin alive. If you go with a glossier shade on your lips, keep your skin more matte. This helps to balance out the face and to keep the focus on that gorgeous lip!

I personally love a nice brow with a strong lip. You could fill in your brows lightly for a natural look or go bold with them! Dark brows are a nice contrast to a bright or bold lip. And as you all know by now, I am obsessed with mascara. I never leave home without a couple of coats on! Mascara would be a fantastic compliment to the lip also. You could do a bit of liner on the top lids if you want to go there or just keep it super clean. It just depends on how you are feeling.

If you opt for the more natural shade of orange you can do a bit more with the rest of your face. A little neutral shadow or liner with mascara could be nice on the eyes. I would also suggest adding a bit of soft peachy blush on the cheeks to accent the lips. This will give your face a fresh look.

There are really no rules set in stone when it comes to makeup, so just have fun!!!

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