Makeup Tricks to Hide a Sleepless Night


Not getting enough beauty sleep? A night of sleeplessness can leave an impact on your physique, and more often than not, the results will be far from pretty. A night of tossing and turning can really take its toll not only on your energy levels, but also on your face; sometimes, looks just don’t lie. Dark circles are never flattering on anyone. Try out some of these beauty tips to mask a sleepless night.

These are a few tricks for hiding dark circles, the dead giveaway to a sleepless night:

1. Cucumber slices. The most effective remedy is also the most clich, but thin slices of cucumbers over the eyes really do wonders! They help to lighten skin, soothe, and cool the eyes.

2. Tea time for your eyes. Tea bags also help to reduce eye puffiness. The secret lies in the caffeine that acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. Be careful though because not just any ole’ bag of tea will do. Green, black, or white tea works best but stay away from herbal tea (except for chamomile) when used as a pick-me-up after a night of restlessness; this type of tea won’t do anything for your fatigued complexion. Take a used tea bag that’s been squeezed out, (make sure it’s cool in temperature), and leave it over your eyes for about 10 minutes. The results will leave everyone thinking that you got a full night of sleep.

3. Keep an atomizer in your purse. What’s an atomizer you ask? It’s simple. It’s a bottle used to spray liquids or aromatic perfume, but in this case, use it with water. Throw one in your purse to give your face a quick splash that will give your complexion a much-needed wakeup call along with some moisture. Try Avene Thermal Spring Water, $7, at

4. Seal the deal. Slather on a thick moisturizer to lock the water into your skin. A face balm, rather than a regular moisturizer, will help the face look well-rested.

5. A milk and ice cube cocktail. It’s a strange combination, we know, but soaking a wash cloth in the mixture and dabbing gently on your undereyes will help to reduce blotchiness and even out skin tone.

6. Ditch the foundation. After a sleepless night, skip that heavy liquid foundation or powder which tends to make the skin look lackluster and mask-like. Instead, use a tinted moisturizer that’s lighter but will still provide the skin some coverage.

7. Curl your lashes. Something as simple as an eyelash curler can really give your face an energetic appearance. A couple quick squeezes to the lashes, and your eyes will look wider and brighter!

8. Peachy hues. Brushing some peach-toned blush over your cheeks really brightens up the skin and takes the focus off unsightly dark circles. It will instantly give your face a flushed, youthful appearance.

9. Mist your roots. A restless night will not only affect the appearance of your skin, it can make your hair look drab as well. Applying a quick mist of dry shampoo or a pinch of baby powder helps to revive slept-on locks.

10. Scrub-a-dub your pores. Instead of using your regular cleanser the morning after, wash your face with a facial scrub to remove dull skin, which will give way to more rested-looking skin.

These helpful beauty tricks probably won’t do anything for your crankiness after a sleepless night, but at least your looks don’t have to be compromised as well. The next time you can’t catch enough z’s, don’t fret — just follow these tips and you’ll have everyone fooled!