Fake It Until You Make It: Disguising Dry Skin

Michelle Grossman
dry skin fix


Through all of our handy beauty products, we enhance and improve upon our features that we were born with, and play up the ones that we wish had a bit more prominence. So that saying “fake it until you make it” can really ring true in the beauty world – if you want fuller lips, make them; bolder brows, create them; and a contoured jawline, contour it! In this column we’ll teach you the tips and tricks to tweaking your features and “faking it” until you “make it.”

Applying makeup on top of dry, flaky skin is a tricky task. We use makeup to enhance our appearance, but using makeup on dry skin can often wind up showcasing our imperfections instead, as some products can make dry skin look even worse. Luckily, by enlisting the help of a few genius makeup tips, thirsty skin doesn’t need to be such an issue.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate: Dry skin means dead skin, too, so using a gentle exfoliator once a day can really help to keep the smooth skin that’s been hiding underneath at the forefront of your face.

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Make sure to moisturize: When you have dry skin, it’s extremely important to keep it hydrated the best you can. Before any makeup application, applying a moisturizer is a must. For best results, use a moisturizer that is specifically designed to treat dry skin.

Then comes the prime time for protection: Using a primer between moisturizer and foundation might just save the day. Not only does a primer work to ensure the longevity of your makeup, but it also creates a barrier between your skin and your makeup. It will have your makeup sitting on top of a smooth surface, rather than sinking into dry patches.

Powder is not your friend: Powder products will emphasize your dry skin, plain and simple. Instead, opt for a cream or gel foundation to keep things looking healthy. Stay away from anything with the word “matte,” and apply foundation with a damp makeup sponge.