7 Makeup Mistakes Making You Look Tired

Augusta Falletta

how to look more awake

It’s hard enough to look awake in the morning, but it’s even harder if the makeup you’re applying is making you look even more tired than you already are. There’s no need to look like you’re running on no sleep if you don’t need to, and by avoiding the makeup mistakes below, you’ll look more awake.

Monotone Color: Creating definition between each of your facial features helps to make you look more awake. Instead of going for plain, one-dimensional color all over your face, define your brows, eyes, cheeks, and lips, just subtly, to help make yourself look more awake.

Wrong concealer color under your eyes: Regardless of whether you’re wearing a concealer too dark or too light for your face, the wrong concealer color will only make you look tired (and possibly like you don’t know what you’re doing with makeup). Make sure you’re doing your makeup in a well lit room and if you’re testing out a new product, go into a few different rooms with different lighting and a mirror so that you can see what the makeup looks like from different perspectives.

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Not using a primer on your eyes: This one’s especially true if you’re using a dark eyeliner underneath your eyes, but make sure that you’re using a primer to prevent any dark color from smudging and drooping underneath your eyes, giving you a raccoon look. Also, using a waterproof eyeliner is ideal if you’re lining the bottom lash line.

Over-powdering: Dry, powdered skin tends to look older and more tired than clean, smooth skin, so be wary to not over-powder your face. Go with a translucent powder to take away shine and blend well.

Not using moisturizer first: Please, please, please never apply your makeup without first putting on a moisturizer. Bonus points if your moisturizer contains SPF! Applying any makeup on dry, flaky skin can make you look incredibly tired and dried out.

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Using the wrong eyeliner color: Bronze or gold eyeliner will make you look tired and sickly if you’re cool toned, while silvery liner can make you look that way if you’re warm toned. Figure out your skin undertones, then choose an eyeliner color based on that.

Gray-colored makeup: No matter what your skin tone, if you wear makeup with gray undertones, you’ll bring out the grey coloring in your skin, which will make you look incredibly tired and probably a lot older than you want to look.

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