5 Simple Makeup Storage Ideas Everyone Can Do

Rachel Krause

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Let’s be clear: We’re all about DIY projects, but when it comes to makeup storage, sometimes said DIYs are a bit harder than we’d like. They involve wood, nails, hammers, et al… which isn’t always how we want to spend our Sunday afternoons. When makeup storage and organization is a necessity, but we don’t have time to DIY our own, these simple storage solutions can be found easily at the store—or, in some cases, you may even have them in your house right now.

Small vase makeup storage ideaFor lip pencils, liners, brushes, and more, keeping everything in order is as easy as purchasing small vases or pottery. It’s one of our favorite approaches, as there are countless designs, colors, and shapes to choose from.

via LiveLoveDIY

Craft organizer makeup storage ideaIf your makeup collection is major, take a cue from this genius craft organizer and invest in a large hutch like this one, which sports shelves, dividers, and more that make sorting your stuff a breeze.

via Design Improved

Plastic basket makeup storage ideaSimple, straightforward, and crazy affordable, these cheap plastic basket inserts turn your average drawer into a bonafide makeup storage solution.

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Acrylic boxes makeup storage ideaIf you’re fortunate enough to have this kind of vanity or desk space, the organization world is your oyster. Clear acrylic boxes fixed to the wall are perfect for storing larger items, while smaller boxes can be arranged artfully on the desktop for simple storage that’s also aesthetically pleasing.

via The Decorista

Candle jar makeup storage ideaFor all the fancy candle addicts out there (we hear ya), this easy DIY is the perfect way to repurpose old jars without skimping on style.

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