How To Remove Stubborn Makeup & Hair Color

How To Remove Stubborn Makeup & Hair Color
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Makeup artist Sonia Kashuk warns, "The eye area is the most sensitive on the face, so take extra care when removing false lashes. The best method to avoid irritation or damaging your own lashes is to grip the lash from the longest point (the outer corner) and peel inward. High quality lashes, like my Full Glam Lashes or Full Volume Lashes ($4.99) can be reused if properly cared for. Be extra delicate when removing them and massage a little makeup remover into the strip. Reshape the lashes and place them back in their case with the lid open so the moisture evaporates."

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"I love makeup that lasts all day," says Wende Zomnir, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Urban Decay, "But makeup with staying power is stubborn. You've got to bring out the big guns to get it off. My four steps for removing any long-lasting makeup products are remove, dissolve, scrub and cleanse. Use a great makeup remover like Urban Decay's Meltdown Makeup Remover ($24). Follow this with a deep cleansing oil--it can dissolve a lot of residue on the skin. Third, use a scrub to slough away all the stuff the oil brought to the surface. Finally, clean skin with a foaming cleanser."

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When it comes to getting off glitter, which seems to get everywhere and refuses to come off once you put it on, makeup artists agree in a tried-and-true method that you probably already have at home: Scotch Tape ($6). "I like to use magic tape on softer areas of the face to remove a bulk of the glitter before washing and something a little tougher, like packing tape, on large areas of the body," says Beauty Expert Shalea Walker, Owner of Walker's Apothecary. Sonia Kashuk agrees: "Good old-fashioned Scotch Tape is your best bet."

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Kelly Van Gogh, Master Colorist and Founder of Kelly Van Gogh Hair Care Cosmetics, advises, "Try Colour Oops or Prell. My number one tip is do not put temporary color on your hair if it has any porosity (dryness) at all. The color will become permanent and stain the cuticle. Wash three times with Prell ($4) or, if your hair is more stubborn, use Color Oops and follow the directions on the bottle."

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DJ Riggs, TIGI Creative Director and celebrity stylist, recommends TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Weightless Shine Spray ($12) to separate the hair and loosen any sticky material. Then, Goldwell Color Director Dimitrios Tsioumas of Mizu Salon NYC, says to, "Clean the hair with a deep cleansing shampoo and conditioner. If that doesn't work, most beauty supply stores carry a remover specifically for hair extension glue bonds that will take it right out."

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Goldwell Color Director Dimitrios Tsioumas advises, "Use a Dry Shampoo like KMS Makeover Spray. When you're ready to wash it, cleanse hair with a deep cleansing shampoo followed by a deep conditioning treatment/masque and a leave-in serum." If you want a DIY remedy, Kelly Van Gogh uses fruit juice: "Try using grapefruit juice for blondes and tomato juice for brunettes and redheads. While showering, simply rinse through hair before conditioning."

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Celebrity manicurist and nail polish expert Deborah Lippmann says, "To quickly and easily remove glitter nail lacquer, saturate a cotton ball with The Stripper ($18), place it over your nail and wrap tin foil around it for five minutes. This will lock in heat and allow for easy breezy sparkle removal."

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Nonie Creme, Founding Creative Director of Butter London, recommends, "You will need a glass (must be glass) bowl, and a bottle of pure acetone. Pour a small amount into the bowl and "soak" fingertips. Every 60 seconds, lift nail out, and rub with an acetone soaked cotton pad. Once again, this takes time, so be patient. Do not pull, tear, or file the falsies off. They must melt off--it's the only way to safely remove them. " Green, Founder of Nails Inc., adds, "Always apply plenty of cuticle oil after you have removed the nails to hydrate and condition your nails."

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