3 Makeup Products That Are So Over

Lip liner

Switch out this pencil for something fresher.
Photo: Getty Images

There are a few products that were once total staples in our makeup bags but are now just dated, out of style and have made way for new technologies and formulas. If you want to switch to the freshest products but you’re not sure what to get rid of, here’s an easy list.

1. Cream-to-powder foundations

These foundations look heavy and can create a chalky look that coats the skin. Better to try liquid foundation, BB or CC creams, or even mousse or spray foundations, which will mimic the skin’s natural texture, look real and clean and allow skin to breathe.

2. Colored lip liners

Unless it’s your wedding day and you need to layer your lips to keep them from budging all day, then skip the colored lip liners. Perfectly drawn-on lips not only look like you’re stuck in the ’90s, but also leave the dreaded ring-around-the-lips-look when your lipstick or gloss wears off.

Better to embrace and love the natural shape of your lips and use lip stains, sticks, crayons, glosses and tinted balms for color. Trace the perimeter of the lips with nude or clear liners to keep the color from bleeding. You can also surround the lip edge with a cream highlight that makes lips look fuller. The lip crayon is also a perfect way to trace and fill in lips naturally.

3. Contour powder

Again, embracing your face and loving it — instead of trying to change its shape with dusty brown contour — is a much better way to celebrate your beauty. Instead of the dated and obvious contour, you should Carmindize the face by applying highlighter under the brows on the brow bone area, on the inside corners of the eyes and on tops of the cheekbones. The lightness will contrast against the skin’s natural hue, making the planes of the face stand out and your natural tone recede a bit — a more natural and beautiful way to showcase your face.

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