8 Brilliant Makeup Organizer Ideas

Alle Connell

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As anyone with a sizable cosmetics collection knows, keeping your makeup sorted and stored can be a challenge. And whether you have every eyeshadow ever made or are just starting out on your makeup collecting journey, there’s truly no better feeling than gazing upon a perfectly organized beauty area.

No matter the size of the space you’re working with or your personal decorating style, you CAN get your space in order! We’ve rounded up 8 of the best makeup organizer ideas out there to help you get your beauty coordination game on point.

1. Be Strategic.

brushes 8 Brilliant Makeup Organizer IdeasImage: Pinned by The Style Cavalry.

Think about the makeup and tools that you use every day. No matter how you store everything else, these are the items that should be immediately accessible. Whether you create a special section in your train case for your wear-it-every-day makeup or have a specific container on your vanity for your most-used brushes, you want to be able to get to these really easily. The goal of any organizational system is a quick and easy beauty routine, so really think about how you use your products. Pinterest-worthy storage ideas are great, but they don’t mean anything unless they work for your life!

2. Up, Up and Away.

acrylic shelvesImage: Pinned by HRH Collection.

We love the idea of going the 1940s film starlet route and displaying our makeup on dedicated bookshelves, tables and vanities,but when your space is limited, extra furniture takes up valuable floor space. Instead, hang some floating shelves from the wall and display your products that waywe love these acrylic double shelves from The Container Store, as they’re easy to install,totally stylish and customizable (so otherwise hard-to-store tall products are easy to organize). You’ll quadruple your storage space AND won’t trip over any tables in the middle of the night.

3. Utilize Doors.

shoe storage 8 Brilliant Makeup Organizer IdeasImage: Pinned by Daily Savings.

We may not have a tonne of closet space, but we certainly have a lot of doors. Why not put them to use with hanging makeup storage? Those cheap plastic shoe organizers that hang on the back of doors? They’re amazing for storing lipsticks, glosses, eye liners and even brushes. For smaller products like eye shadows, use a hanging jewelry organizer (it has smaller pockets and is usually lined). Sort by brand, size, color or finishwhatever makes the most sense for your life.

4. Hang Your Hot Tools.

hanging hot tools
Image: Pinned by Cosmopolitan.

Hairdryers, curling irons, straighteners and waving tools are big, awkwardly-shaped and take up A LOT of room. Fortunately, with the advent of adhesive hooks, getting these bulky space-hogs out of the way is easier than ever. Simply stick the hooks to the wall or door (make sure you check how much weight your chosen hooks can support) and voila, hanging storage! The best part: no holes to drill means no lost security deposits!

5. Spice Up Your Manicure.

ikea nailpolishImage: Pinned by This Mom’s Gonna Snap, original post here.

Too long have we kept our nail polishes locked away in cupboards and containers. We say it’s time to display those gorgeous bottles proudly.Ikea’s Bekvam spice rack is $4, easy to paint or stain and perfect for holding LOTS of nail polish (three rows of Essie bottles, four of Butter London, two of rounder bottles like OPI). Hang these on your walls and not only do you have tonnes of storage, you also have instant colorful wall art.

6. Magnets!

magnetic makeup storageImage: Pinned by LizMarieBlog.

This seems like an ambitious project, but it’s easier (and less expensive!) than you think! All you need is a sheet of metal, a piece of fabric, some magnets and a hot glue gun; the result is a storage system that is functional, totally customizable, keeps your makeup out of storage bins (and therefore off the floor) and looks incredibly cool.

7. Under the Bed.

UnderbedShoeOrganizerImage: Pinned by The Container Store.

If you have a truly vast makeup collection, storage can be daunting. Why not use a sliding shoe storage box and keep it all under your bed? The individual spaces make it so that you can sort your products by type, color or brand, and the clear plastic cover stops your precious makeup from getting dusty or damp.

8. More Magnets!

bobby pins magnetic tape
Image: Pinned by Brittany LaCanne.

Bobby pins are the glitter of the beauty worldno matter how careful you think you’re being with them, they still end up everywhere. If you’ve abandoned all hope of ever keeping them in one place, magnetic tapeis going to change your life. Run it under your bathroom mirror or on the inside of a drawer, stick your pins to it as soon as they come out of your hair, and marvel at how organized you feel!

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