Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older
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No Blush

Our faces lose color as we age, leading to a washed out complexion that makes blush all the more important. Blend a cream formula onto the apples of your cheeks for a lit-from-within glow.

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Too Much Foundation

Caked on foundation brings out wrinkles because the product settles into fine lines. Instead, use a damp sponge to apply a single light layer of moisturizing foundation (not matte or long-wearing), which will hydrate skin and deemphasize creases.

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Too Much Concealer Under the Eyes

Dark bags under the eyes can age you, but caking on the concealer can draw attention to the problem. Choose a richly pigmented, creamy stick concealer, which gives you coverage without having to cake on product.

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Dark Lipstick

As we age, our lips become thinner, and dark lip colors actually make the mouth look smaller. Stick to bright or light-colored lipsticks and add a dab of gloss in the center to plump your pout.

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Eyeliner Around the Entire Eye

Solid dark eye liner can be very harsh, creating sharp lines that can bring out crow’s feet and make eyes look smaller. Thick liner on the upper lashes can also make lids look heavier. Instead, line only the outer three quarters of the eye, and smudge your liner with a Q-tip or angled brush to soften the look. Use a brightening shade to highlight the inner corners.

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Mascara on Lower Lashes

You’ve been told time and time again, applying mascara on the lower lashes will make your eyes look bigger. But when you get older, this trick can actually make eyes look droopy. Instead, stick to emphasizing the upper lashes to keep your look from becoming bottom-heavy.

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Too Thin Eyebrows

Eyebrows actually thin and fade with age, which is why fuller brows make most faces look more youthful. Use an angled brush to fill in sparse brows with a powder one shade lighter than your natural brow color.

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Too Much Bronzer

Wearing bronzer over the entire face can make you look older. Instead stick to the ‘C’ formation — on the temples, along the sides of the face and right under the cheekbones.

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