Here’s How to Fake a Sunkissed Glow With Makeup

Shannon Farrell

Warm weather has finally arrived. Yet, you wouldn’t know it by our complexions—after all, we’ve just endured a long three-month hiatus from the sun. But adding some natural radiance to your complexion is easier than you think, and self-tanner isn’t the only answer. Celebrity makeup artist Ramy Gafni, and the author of the upcoming How to Fake Real Beauty: Tricks of the Trade to Master Your Makeup (available June 2) walks us through four other products that fake a sunkissed glow. And unlike tanner, the results appear in mere seconds. 

Orange Lipstick

orange lipstick spring makeup

Photo: IMaxTree

Orange lipstick counteracts the pink in our lips and our skin tone, resulting in a lightly sunkissed glow,” says Gafni. Finding a flattering shade that doesn’t appear clownish, especially for fairer tones, can be tricky. “Opt for sheer formulas that won’t overwhelm your features. The more sheer the formula, the more fool-proof the color will be.” Gafni recommends Sisley-Paris Phyto-Lip Shine in Sheer Papaya ($52) that has bold color without the high-impact pigment. Layer until you find your desired finish.

Liquid Bronzer

liquid bronzer

Photo: Adrianna Williams/Fuse

“Bronzer truly creates a glow to your complexion by giving you a buildable tan that washes off at the end of the day.”Gafni swears by liquid formulas because they offer the most natural-looking tan and the most controlled application. “You can apply it as you would a moisturizer, but be sure to blend it well. Or you can mix it with your favorite foundation or moisturizer to deepen the shade and give yourself a sun-kissed glow.” Ramy Sun Smooched! Bronzers ($32), available in three shades, are formulated with active ingredients, such as green tea, citrus and green apple extracts, that actually improve the texture of skin.

Peach Blush

peach blush spring

Photo: IMaxTree

As our complexions continues to warm this season, peach becomes flattering on all tones. “Peach blush creates a glow by neutralizing the redness or pink in your skin and warming your complexion.” Start with a more pink-based color, like Ramy Alive! Blush ($19) and transition to brighter hues, like Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush ($28) in Glisten.

“Smile and apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, blending upwards along your cheek bones towards your ear.” To brighten even more, Gafni recommends sweeping the blush along the hair line and onto your eye lids using a blush brush.

Bronze Eyeshadow

bronze eyeshadow for spring

Photo: IMaxTree

“Bronze or gold cream eyeshadows reflect light and warm up your skin tone.” The warm earthy tones are especially gorgeous on light-colored eyes, says Gafni, because they offer a natural contrast to the eye color.

“Use a small eyeshadow brush or your fingertip to apply the cream shadow across your eye lid. Then use a small brush to line your lower lash line with the same cream shadow.” Benefit Cosmetics Creaseless Cream Shadow ($20) has a soft shimmer that instantly brightens the eyes. Finish with two coats of mascara to open the eye even more. For a more natural no-makeup look, swap your black mascara for brown.

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