I Ran a 5K in a Full Face of Makeup; Here’s What Happened

Caitlin S. Miller
running makeup I Ran a 5K in a Full Face of Makeup; Heres What Happened

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We put a lot of makeup to the test here at Daily Makeover. In fact, it’s fairly common to find an editor putting a certain long-wear lipstick or a particular water-proof eyeliner through the ringer on any given day. Although I have no doubt seeing if products can withstand the daily activities of an editor—a few cups of coffee, an event or two, and at least one minor deadline panic attack—is highly scientific in the beauty realm, I can’t help but wonder what would happen if I really put this makeup to the test. Would it withstand my other favorite activity? Running? Naturally, I was curious, “Could I find the best makeup for running a race?” Now I’m not condoning working out in makeup, but I must admit I was curious to see which products could pass the ultimate beauty-editor-meets-athlete test. With that, I decided to wear a full face of makeup and run a 5K. Here’s what happened.

The Products
I’m actually not much of a makeup wearer typically, so waking up at 6 a.m. and applying a full face of makeup seemed a bit counterintuitive to me (not to mention, it got a few raised eyebrows from the friends I was staying with). But I applied nonetheless. For the face I wore Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer ($52, sephora.com) because of its matte finish and SPF 15. Next I applied the matching foundation, Hourglass Veil Fluid Oil-Free Makeup ($60, sephora.com), because it says it promotes an even skin tone that lasts all day—and how could I not want that? I then applied a small touch of Ciate London Liquid Velvet Matte Lip Slick ($19, sephora.com), a matte lipstick that goes on liquid-y but dries smooth, a necessity for racing.

Next I moved on to the eyes. I brushed on a few swipes of Eyeko Brow Liner ($20, eyeko.com), which fills in sparse spots with a water-resistant liquid formula. I then applied Kiko Milano Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow ($12, kikocosmetics.com). I decided upon this formula despite its shimmery finish, which seems more apt for the club as opposed to the starting line, because it boasts eight hours of lasting color. And you can’t have eyeshadow without eyeliner, so I applied Sonia Kashuk Longwear Eye Definer ($8, target.com). Lastly, I topped my lashes off with a few coats of Westmore Beauty Red Carpet Lashes Mascara ($29 for two, qvc.com), per the suggestion of a friend who boasted her mascara looked amazing for hours to come after application of the product.

The Race
I must preface this by saying, I am an avid runner and racer, so a 5K is somewhat of an “easier” run for me. (Let’s be honest, running will never fully be “easy.”) And with the race scheduled for late March, I didn’t anticipate sweating an obscene amount but still enough. During the race, I was conscious I was wearing makeup. I felt a little silly and it was quite obvious I was “done up”, but I was ultimately impressed at how I didn’t feel any of the makeup even though I knew it was on. Although the weather was actually on the chillier side, that didn’t stop me from sweating. As sweat built up around my forehead I was nervous my foundation would smear and I’d look quite ridiculous crossing the finish line. As I ran, I also was nervous the lipstick wasn’t going to last past through my race dry mouth or through the bottle of water I chugged post race. I was seriously hoping for a melt-free finish.

The Results
After crossing the finish with a PR, I found my friends and headed to celebratory brunch. (A requirement as any runner knows.) There we wore our finisher medals with pride and toasted with tea, mimosas, and French toast. All the while, I was secretly hoping my makeup survived. When it finally came time to assess the damage, I had been wearing the makeup four about six hours and had sprinted through 3.1 miles and devoured a breakfast large enough for a small family. All in all, I was pleasantly surprised! I didn’t look like a melted clown. Instead, all of my makeup was intact. The foundation and primer survived the beads of sweat and didn’t wipe off on my sleeve post cool down. Most importantly, they kept my blotchiness at bay.

The shadow stick, although a tad tacky feeling, retained its shimmer all day—for better or for worse. The mascara looked fresh as ever, and the eyeliner only looked slightly smudgier. (But as the day went on, that just became more of the “look.”) The only part that needed reapplying was the lipstick, which didn’t come as a surprise to me. Try as you might, very few lipsticks can survive all day. I especially put mine through hoops with sweating, licking my lips, chugging water, and then a two-hour brunch. Although most of the color wore off (especially around the insides of the mouth), a slight hint of the stain remained, creating a look I almost liked more. My friend and fellow runner even commented, “Hey, your makeup is still on!” as we toasted our finish. And with that I considered my science experiment a success.

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