8 Makeup Looks That Make Freckles Look Amazing

Molly Carroll
8 Makeup Looks That Make Freckles Look Amazing
Photo: Jared Siskin/Getty Images

Some of us labor to cover up our sun-kissed skin, but we’ve found proof makeup for freckles can gorgeously enhance your skin instead of mask it.

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Embrace freckled skin with bases that have sheer to light coverage—like a tinted moisturizer or mineral powder. Make sure to stay steer clear of heavier, full coverage foundations which tend to look cakey. When it comes to blush, peach and coral shades work best because they will complement freckles perfectly. Luminizer is the icing on the cake because it will give you an amazing glow.

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Check out these looks for some tips and inspiration.

Originally published September 2013. Updated March 2017.

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