How to Fix Common Makeup Blunders on the Go—from Lipstick to Liner

Makeup Fixes
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With all of the elements we face on a daily basis—humidity, the sun, wind—it’s no surprise our makeup doesn’t last through the day. By the time we look in the mirror, sometimes even after just a few hours, we’re in desperate need of a makeup touch-up.

And when those moments arise, all us women on-the-go are faced with the same dilemma: How in the world are we supposed to touch-up when we have little or no product in our respective purses, desk drawers, etc.?

Because touch-ups can be challenging, we sought the help of Sonia Kashuk, makeup artist and founder of Sonia Kashuk Beauty, for simple prevention tips and fix-it tricks.

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Foundation Slide-Off

Prevention: “Starting off with primer is always essential, as it acts as a foolproof base to keep foundation in place,” says Kashuk. “After your foundation application, make sure to set your face with a high-performance setting powder that absorbs excess oil, while keeping your imperfections in check. You can also mist your entire face with a weightless makeup setting spray after your makeup is entirely finished.”

Fix: The only way to successfully touch up foundation is with buildable coverage.

“My Undetectable Foundation Stick ($9 at Amazon ) is light and portable, provides creamy, buildable coverage that conceals any imperfections and makes touching-up effortless.”

She also recommends blotting tissues because they soak up oil and shine—common sources of slide-off.

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Chipped Nails

Prevention: Always apply a base and top coat.

“Soaking your nails in ice cold water after they have dried enough to touch will prevent chipping if you are giving yourself a manicure.”

Fix: “When it is the tip of your nail that is chipped, you can use a nail file to buff the edges until you smooth away the chip and get a seamless color finish.”

For chips in the center, she suggests using a concealer brush and dipping it in nail polish remover. Swipe the brush across the nail to smooth the smudge gently.

“Be careful not to oversaturate the bristles by toweling off the excess,” says Kashuk.

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Smudged Liner

Prevention: “To prevent eyeliner from smudging, first apply eye primer,” says Kashuk. “Opt for gel or liquid liner as they tend to stay on longer and work better in extreme weather than pencil liner.”

If pencil liner is much easier for you, stick to smudge-proof and long-wear formulas.

Fix: “Be sure to keep a trial-size makeup remover, cotton swabs and eyeliner on hand in case you need to clean up and refresh your look.”

Or, make smudges look intentional. Using an eyeshadow compact, create a one-step smoky eye. Glide a brown or taupe shadow along the upper and bottom lash lines using your fingertip. Move the product up the lid, finishing at the crease. The black liner will blend into the eyeshadow on the bottom half of the eye with the color getting lighter moving up the lid.

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Feathering Lipstick

Prevention: “Applying a light layer of foundation first will give you a clean surface to work on and will also help your lipstick last longer.”

Then, line the perimeter of your lips with liner to prevent feathering and add definition to the lip’s shape.

“Fill in the rest of your lips with the lip liner to give the lipstick a matte base to grab onto for longer color wear.”

Fix: There’s no other option but to reapply. To remove and prevent stains along the mouth, use an on-the-go face wipe to eliminate product only on the lips. Be careful not to swipe any of the foundation, causing an obvious line along the mouth. Reapply lipstick and lip liner as usual.

A version of this article was originally published in August 2014.