Find Out What Exactly Is in the Average Makeup Bag (Plus, How Much It Costs)

Megan Segura
Find out what's inside the average makeup bag.

Find out what’s inside the average makeup bag.

The only thing more sacred than the contents of a woman’s purse are the contents of her makeup bag. Inside lies the tools and products that completely transform her face. According to a UK study, which polled 2,104 women, the following stats were found.

The Cost: After adding up the value of the contents insider their makeup bags, it was discovered that the average woman’s makeup bag is has $160 worth of products.

The Items: The average woman carries about 14 items inside her makeup bag.

What’s Inside: Eye liner, concealer and mascara were the most common items found inside the makeup bags. The top brands found were Rimmel, Maybelline and Clinique.

Possibly the most interesting—but not surprising—part of this study was that 28 percent of the women polled said they wouldn’t leave home without their makeup bag.

Do you think your makeup bag contains more or less than $160 worth of products?

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