10 Worst Things That Can Happen to Your Makeup Bag in Ranked Order

Augusta Falletta
makeup bag

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Some people are attached to their clothing, others can’t go without their morning coffee, but what’s our Achilles heel? Our makeup bag. We’re constantly loading up on lipstick and eyeliner and new eyeshadows to try, and after a while, our collection becomes a point of pride.

So, when something bag happens to our makeup bag, it’s really bad. We know you can relate, so below, we’ve ranked the 10 worst things that can happen to your makeup bag. Have more ideas? Tell us in the comments below!

10. Going to do your makeup in the morning and realizing you forgot that you ran out of mascara the day before and forgot to buy a new one.

9. Having so many products stuffed in the bag that you can’t close the zipper.

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8. Not being able to fit all of the products you want in your travel makeup bag.

7. When that busting zipper actually breaks, and you need to use a Ziploc bag until you find a new makeup bag.

6. Going to pull out your brushes and realizing there are about 10 stray bristles bent in the opposite direction.

5. Finding an old favorite eyeshadow all the way on the bottom of the bag, then opening it and finding out it’s completely dried up.

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4. Getting residue all over your hands (and then on your face and in your hair) because all of your compacts and tubes are covered in makeup.

3. Your foundation explodes everywhere and you find remnants of it all over your makeup for weeks.

2. When your makeup bag is in your car on a hot day and all of your lip products melt.

1. Leaving your makeup bag at a hotel when you go back home from vacation.