Makeup Artists’ Best Under-the-Radar Beauty Hacks

Makeup Artists’ Best Under-the-Radar Beauty Hacks
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One thing’s for sure: A new year means ample opportunity for personal betterment and tons of ways to restart your beauty regimen. 2017 ushered in super long hair, glitter everything, unicorn makeup and platinum hair. But 2018 is the year for simply mastering your personal style and finally getting things right. Ahead, kick off your New Year with top beauty hacks from our favorite makeup artists.

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Apply Foundation On Your Lips

Having bold, pigmented lips (that last) is the always the goal, but especially in 2018 when bright lipstick reigns supreme. Megan Luman, Mehron Makeup Artist and Lead Educator, suggests applying a thin layer of foundation over your lips to get the best color application from your lip pencil and lipstick. Using an angled brush for application can also be easier and save time.

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Thicken Your Foundation for Concealer

If you run out of concealer, take your liquid foundation and add a few shakes of your translucent or loose powder to it. This will thicken it up and give you concealer in a pinch, says Hannah Hatcher, Global Educator for Jane Iredale Cosmetics.

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Line Lips With a White Pencil

Lining your lips with a white pencil and then smoothing it out with your finger can create a more defined lip line—great for those with lip injections who have lost a bit of their outer lip line, says Luman. If you’re not completely sold on white pencils, try adding a dab of loose powder (Luman suggests Mehron Precious Gem Powders in Citrine or Opal) to your cupid’s bow to highlight and give added dimension.

STYLECASTER | Makeup Artist Beauty Hacks 2018 | Mascara


Use Q-Tips to Apply Mascara

2018 also marks a return to au naturale beauty. For a natural mascara look, use a lint free Q-tip to apply it, says Luman.

STYLECASTER | Makeup Artist Beauty Hacks 2018 | Removing Nail Polish


Remove Nail Stains With Denture Whitening Tablets

This may sound crazy, but according to makeup artist Kitiya Mischo King of Mischo Beauty, the best way to remove nail stains is to soak them in a mixture of water and denture whitening tablets.

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Look to Serums for Glossy Lids

If you want to try the glossy lid trend, but aren’t into wearing clear (and rather sticky) lip gloss or balm on your eyes, reach for your skincare. “Take a hydrating serum (nothing too active) and apply a few layers to your lid area. You will have a naturally glossy and hydrated effect,” says Hatcher.