7 Subtle Makeover Ideas for Commitment-Phobes

Shannon Farrell
7 Subtle Makeover Ideas for Commitment-Phobes
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Want to change up your look this season, but the thought of a major cut or dye job gives you the jitters? Instead, try one of these low-commitment looks that have subtle, totally worth it results. 

1. Go One Shade Lighter or Darker

Going from one extreme to the other, like brunette to blonde, can be overwhelming. Plus, you'll spend lots of time in the salon chair. But lightening or darkening your natural color just one shade can add life to your complexion and make your eye color pop. 

Try on Amy Adams' Looks in the virtual makeover tool!

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Amy Adams' enhanced red is just one or two shades darker, but it brings out her gorgeous porcelain skin. 

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2. Add Side-Swept Bangs

Nina Dobrev is known for her gorgeous long locks, but look at the huge difference her subtle cut creates...

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The light touch of bangs frames her face, making it look less oval and more heart-shaped. 

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3. Get a Glaze

Does your hair need a little TLC? Add a boost of shine and hydration to damaged hair with a glaze treatment. Make an appointment at your local salon or opt for a DIY treatment like John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze Clear Shine ($9.99, ulta.com) that smooths instantly in the shower.

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4. Try a Bold Lip

Something as simple as wearing a bold, rich lip color can make you look more mature and put together. Look what a difference it makes when Taylor Swift goes from innocent pink...

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5. Tone Down the Makeup

We love experimenting with new eyeshadow palettes and trying out new lipsticks. But sometimes less makeup really is the way to go. 

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When Emmy Rossum ditches the bold colors, she lets her beautiful brown eyes and soft complexion get the attention they deserve. 

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6. Give Lashes a Boost

Go beyond mascara and plump your lashes with an eyelash serum like RapidLash, which boosts lash growth in as little as four weeks. Or get results immediately with eyelash extensions. An aesthetician will apply individual lashes to enhance the length and thickness of your existing fringe.

Try on Christina Hendricks' looks in the virtual makeover tool

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7. Whiten Your Teeth

Whiter teeth not only brighten your smile, but will make you look younger, too. Either visit your dentist for a professional whitening or try an at-home gadget like Glo Brilliant ($199, gloscience.com), which uses heat and light to whiten the teeth gradually over time. 

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