Make Your Beauty Regimen Eco-Friendly

Rachel Adler

With Earth Day coming up, even those of us who generally aren’t eco-conscious have begun to wonder if we are doing enough for our planet. Are we careful about not wasting water when brushing our teeth? Did we turn off all of the lights this morning? What about that straightener was it switched off?

To put your (and our) minds at ease, we’ve compiled a list of ways to green up your morning beauty regimen, so that we can all start doing a little bit more for Mother Earth.

1. Don’t linger in the shower
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Saving water is one of the easiest (and most obvious) ways to be eco-conscious. So, instead of taking a 20 minute shower in the morning, speed it up! This will not only help the earth, but your punctuality as well.

2. Use Natural Light When Applying Makeup
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Now that the sun rises before we do, it isn’t exactly necessary to turn on a light the second you hop out of bed. Apply your makeup with natural light (it generally tends to look best this way anyway) and position your mirror near an east-facing window.

3. Recycle and be rewarded
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Many organic beauty stores offer rewards for customers if they bring back empty cosmetics containers. On April 22, Origins will give customers a free Checks and Balances Frothy face wash or A Perfect World Antioxidant cleanser with White Tear if they come in with an empty product bottle. A perfectly good reason to recycle!

4. Blow dry less often
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Drying your hair is a key part to any routine in the AM. But, those dryers use a lot of electricity to dry just one head of hair (we’ve all blown a fuse or two in our day) and your hair could definitely use the break from the heat. So, invest in some dry shampoo, or go for an air-dried beachy look instead. (Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Extract, $18,

5. Use Multi-Purpose Products
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Buying products that have dual functions not only saves money (and time) but it also saves the environment. You’ll also have less containers to throw out (or hopefully recycle). A great tip to remember when buying beauty products, is to look for containers wrapped in less exterior packaging. Also, glass bottles are easier to recycle than plastic bottles, and refillable makeup containers are definitely the greenest way to go. (Josie Maran Mini Argan Stick, $6,

6. Buy Family Sized Products
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Since we all tend to stick to our favorite shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and the like why not buy in bulk? You tend to save money (and the bottle will last longer). This way, you’ll be making less waste, and you’ll have your hands on your favorite products for longer. (Burt’s Bees Shampoo and Conditioner Value Pack, $12.99,

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