Make-up Tips: Transition Your Summer Hair


With the end of summer approaching and fall on the horizon there comes a question….how do you wear your hair to an event during this transitional time?

Well, I got a pretty good look at some great examples at last week’s Charlotte Ronson for J.C. Penney party. Hilary Duff, Mischa Barton, Alexa Chung, Charlotte Ronson, and Anabelle Dexter-Jones all unveiled their softer (natural) texture.


To achieve this look, you do not need to be a slave to your brush and blow dryer. Apply your favorite curl crème to towel-dried hair. I like Cutler’s Curl Crème . Next, do nothing. Yes nothing. Let your hair dry. Run some errands, clean the house, do your make-up, but just don’t “rough” up your hair while it is still wet. That means don’t touch it.

Once your hair is completely dry, shake it out and you are ready to go. If you are looking more of a “polished” look, take a large barrel curling iron to create some soft natural looking waves.

So take advantage; we still have a few more weeks left to flaunt our natural hair texture. We may need to begin polishing it up soon as fall rolls in, but we’ll wait until the very last moment for that.

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