6 Ways To Make The Most of Your Makeup

Michelle Grossman
Most of your Makeup



Throwing out makeup is never fun because who ever really wants to let go of their beloved brow pencil? Not us, that’s for sure! While we’re all for tossing products once they’ve exceeded their shelf life (safety first of course), most of us are actually throwing them in the trash prematurely, or even doing little things that end up shortening their life-span. To ensure that we get the most out of our makeup, check out these six tips for making your makeup products last longer.

1. Scoop out every smidge. We all know the struggle when our favorite lipstick is almost empty, but not quite depleted. Even more frustrating, there’s still some product left, but we can’t twist it up anymore, so we try scraping the tube against our lips which isn’t too effective. Instead of just leaving the left over product in there, listen up because there is a way to get it out! Just go in with a lip brush or even a Q-tip and scoop it out, this way you’ll be able to use every last bit.

2. Press the pieces of broken products back together. When we drop powder products and they shatter, it’s almost like a piece of us shatters along with them. Before tossing your damaged goods in the garbage, let us fill you in on the simplest way to salvage them: just add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the product and press the pieces back together!

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3. Moisten your mascara. There’s nothing worse than a dried up mascara, but luckily, you can bring it back to life. Just drop about five drops of any kind of saline eye drop solution, like Visine, into your mascara tube and mix it all together using the wand (without pumping!). This will moisten your mascara and make it last longer.

4. Stop pumping, start scraping. When products that dispense through a pump are running low, you can press the pump all you want, and nothing will come out. But, this doesn’t mean that the product is empty just yet. Use the stem from the pump to scrape out the additional product — you’ll be surprised at just how much is actually left.

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5. Limit air exposure. When it comes to making any beauty product last, one thing to remember is to keep everything sealed completely shut! Air is the killer, so after use make sure you twist your lids on tight.

6. Don’t store your makeup in the bathroom. Just like air, moisture isn’t the best for your products either. Every time you shower, you steam up the bathroom, and if your makeup’s in there, it can seep into it and diminish its shelf life. To play it on the safe side, store your makeup elsewhere!

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