Make Over Your Butt In 10 Days

Megan Segura
Make Over Your Butt In 10 Days
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If you ever need motivation to work out (or just a healthy dose of humility), flip open a magazine to see celebrities in their swimsuits, like Jessica Biel. Because their jobs involve staying in tip-top shape, actresses are able to show off what happens when you spend a little more time in the gym and a little less time on the sofa watching TV. And although you may not have a personal trainer at your disposal, we have one who's more than happy to reveal his fitness secrets. 5 New (And Fun) Ways To Lose Weight

You don't get a butt like Heidi Klum's without putting a little effort into it. David suggests a butt blasting program from his book, Butt Book ($12.95,, which consists of 15 to 20 reps of plie squats, bent leg deadlifts, platypus walk, sumo lunges, forward and reverse crossover lunges, and frog jumps. This routine should be completed three to four times for maximum effectiveness. Pro-Skinny Site Responds To Public Backlash

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To get a butt everyone envies, David says cardio is necessary. He suggests 45 minutes on the stair master or elliptical every day for 10 days. Or, if you're like Rihanna, you can just run around on the beach for your exercise. Best And Worst Looks At The Teen Choice Awards

To see serious results in the shape of your bottom, you'll need to revise your daily diet. "Follow my ABCs of nutrition," advises David. "No alcohol, bread, starchy carbs and coffee, dairy, extra sweets and fruits and most fats. Instead, fill your diet with lean, clean protein, green vegetables and healthy carbs, like lentils and quinoa." While this diet doesn't exactly scream fun, it may just be worth it to look like Audrina Patridge from behind. A Diet That Rejuvenates

Since changing your body in such a short time can be hard, it's important to give yourself extra tools that will aid you. When experiencing food cravings, David suggests drinking a protein shake, like his Protein Plus Shake ($51.99, Give your butt an extra boost of exercise by paying attention to your glutes, and contract them while you're walking or sitting. Even walking in heels, like Kate Beckinsale, strengthens your buns. The Most Hilarious Fitness Videos

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