Holy Wow—Maisie Williams Looks Unrecognizable in New “Time” Photos

Holy Wow—Maisie Williams Looks Unrecognizable in New “Time” Photos
Photo: Getty Images

OK, OK; we know it’s completely unfair to forever think of an actor as being the character she plays on TV, but with some people, it’s just not our fault. Melissa Joan Hart will forever be Sabrina from “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” Raven Simone will always be Raven from “That’s so Raven,” and Maisie Williams will always be, at least for the near future, Arya Stark from “Game of Thrones.”

Basically, when we think of Williams, our brains immediately flash to the muddy, mousey-haired Arya, which is why we truly didn’t even recognize her in the recent photos she posted on Instagram from her photoshoot with Time. Prepare yourselves—it’s trippy.

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The photos, shot by photographer Miles Aldridge, were for a “Game of Thrones” cover of Time magazine, showing all of the major GoT actors in vibrant, technicolor costumes and backdrops. And though we did a double-take at Lena Headey’s (Cersei Lannister) jet-black hair, and Emilia Clarke’s (Daenerys Targaryen) brown, un-braided bun, we were most surprised by Maisie Williams, who looked completely old Hollywood, with slick, ultra-shiny waves, bold brows, and deep, berry lipstick—essentially the exact opposite of the Arya Stark we’re used to seeing.

The look was created by makeup artist Kindra Mann, who regularly works with Miranda Cosgrove, Jessica Biel, and Busy Philipps, along with hairstylist Ryan Richman (the go-to hair pro for Kate Mara, Ashley Tisdale, and pretty much every other celebrity in Hollywood). And though they have yet to tell us exactly how they created the look, we can definitively say that we’re obsessed with it, and plan to break out our mom’s hot rollers tonight to recreate the look on ourselves.