Maisie Williams’ New Mullet Somehow Makes Her Even Cooler

Elizabeth Denton
Maisie Williams’ New Mullet Somehow Makes Her Even Cooler
Photo: AP.

It looks like Maisie Williams just got her “dream” haircut and we’re totally jealous. While most of us are dealing with overgrown highlights and split ends (just me?), the Game of Thrones actress got a major hair upgrade. Williams’ new mullet haircut was posted to Instagram by the salon she visited, Bleach London in the UK. The stylists here do some of the coolest cuts and colors around, really starting trends and making them big first before they come stateside.

Of course, mullets aren’t new. Miley Cyrus loves a mullet, as does Euphoria actress Barbie Ferreira. But there’s something especially fresh about Williams’ cut, or maybe it’s just the way she rocks it. She has long, choppy bangs in the front and layers throughout the sides and back. The fringe makes it pretty versatile because if she wears the actual mullet up in a ponytail, the look will totally change.

It looks like Williams also went lighter. Her shade is a perfectly warm blonde with a shadow root that works so well with this modern mullet hairstyle. Both cut and color are courtesy of Bleach London’s hairstylist Freddie.

The actress commented on the post “dreams rly do come true” so it’s safe to say she loves her haircut. She might even keep it around for a while. She loves to switch it up, going shorter and longer, with bangs and without. She plays around with color, too. Last year, she and her boyfriend Reuben Selby got matching pink hair that was honestly too cute for words. Pink is a pretty easy shade to try temporarily, so if she ever wanted to go back to it, she could easily pop it right on top of this blonde.

But for now, we think she’s sticking with this rockstar ‘do. We’re not sure if it’s for a role or just for herself but either way, it totally fits her.

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