Keeping Your Salon Style After Your Appointment

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Every girl whose had one knows that a good haircut goes a long way. Walking out of the salon feeling like a superstar doesn’t always come cheap though, and while you are receiving pro treatment in the chair, tackling your hair at home is a different story. It seems so easy for your hairstylist to wield some brushes and blow dryers to create your fabulous ‘do – obviously – because your hairstylist is an expert. You can learn a thing or two however, by keeping your eyes peeled and asking the right questions to capture the same magic created at the salon.

First things first, don’t doze off:

It’s really comforting to be pampered, especially at a familiar salon. Unless you’re getting “the usual” from the same stylist you’ve had forever, you should definitely nix the magazines and be aware (at least most of the time) while you’re in the chair. This way, you avoid overly zealous chops and get to check out what tools and technique you’re stylist uses. Most of the time, before even picking up the scissors, your stylist will chat with you about how to achieve the style you want. This is the time to be very clear about what that is and make sure you’re both on the same page.

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Talk About Yourself:

Some folks like to be chatty in the chair and lots of others prefer to keep conversation to a minimum. Talking a bit about yourself and your lifestyle however can be really helpful in letting your stylist know what kind of maintenance you’re willing to commit to. For instance, if you’re strictly a wash-and-go girl, your stylist will have a better idea of how to work with your hair to give you the best version of what you’re looking for.

Ask For Directions:

Once your stylist reaches for the hair goop and styling tools, ask them what those products are and how to use them. You don’t have to feel pressured to purchase them with your visit– lots of times you can find similar products with a bit of internet sleuthing. Hair stylists are often more than happy to talk you through their blow-dry technique so you can recreate the style at home– after all it’s their work that’s their calling card so it’s in their best interest to send you into the world with the knowledge of how to put your best follicle forward.

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Stretch it out:

You may not want to wash your hair for days after a great cut and style, and your hair may thank you for the respite from drying detergents (aka shampoo) and more heat styling. Dry shampoo will be your best friend in these desert days following your salon appointment. Sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase will also help to prevent breakage or dulling overnight.