Mai Quynh On Emma Stone, Kristen Stewart & Bold Lips for All

Rachel Adler

Mai Quynh, the makeup artist behind some of the prettiest and trendiest faces in Hollywood right now, such as Emma Stone, Ginnifer Goodwin, Kristen Stewart and Jessica Chastain, is certainly no stranger to making beauty trends work for different people.

Quynh spoke with us about Stone’s evolving look and that fabulous bold pink lip as well as her tricks for the perfect cat eye, and what we should be looking forward to this fall.

You were the amazing lady responsible for Emma Stone’s bold pink lip at the Conde Nast Traveler Hot List Party — a refreshing change from the usual red carpet makeup. What made you want to change it up?
It was crazy! It was just a little party and I didn’t know there was a red carpet for Emma the last time I had done her makeup was for the Globes and she was blonde and spray tanned and golden and bronzey and that was so fun and for this look she was blonde but her true complexion was there and she was fair, and I saw the dress and it was a pale icey blue and we thought what was fun to go with this would be a pop of color on the lips so we wanted to do something really bright to go off the bluer tone, it would still go off the tone and pop off her face.

What suggestions do you have for applying that trend to other skin tones and hair colors?
When you have darker hair, any bright shade would look good but you want to stick towards colors that are really bright and not too chalky someone with dark hair can do a bright pink, orangey red or even an orange – it depends on your personal preference and comfort with dramatic color there are different ways with controlling the texture and sheerness of the color.

If you have darker skin, when the color is bright you can go deeper for the color, you don’t have to worry about the color washing you out, if you want to do a hot pink you can do anything with an undertone of plums in it, depending on how bright you want to go.

What tips do you have for achieving the perfect cat eye? Are there rules to make sure you don’t go too far with the ‘cat eye’ look?
Ginnifer Goodwin loves the cat eye, sometimes she wants a really thin one, and sometimes she wants a really thick one for me when people say it’s hard to do the thick liner, there’s ways of going about it with a black powder eyeshadow and a brush so make a guideline first where you want it to go. So when you do the liquid or the gel (which is also beautiful and not as liquidy so you can control them better) so once you have the shape you want with shadow if you go over with liquid you’ll have the outline.
Q-tips and eye makeup remover help if you have any mistakes, to even out the sides but practice makes perfect. Also, having your elbow angled up helps rest your elbow on a table or counter to help with the shakiness.

Emma really made a statement for herself at the Globes this year in her body-hugging dress, blonde hair and pale pink makeup. What look has been your favorite of Emma’s?
For Emma I do love the Globes, the hot pink lip look was really fun but the Globes look was great because she looked so different than she’s ever looked with her hair and her dress it was so simple and she just really owned it her demeanor was different and she just looked so different and like a peach — like “peachy milk” or peaches and cream.

I love the peaches and cream description!! Okay, fall tends to bring out jewel tone hues in shadow palettes what are your tips for using these colors without going too bold?
Holiday and jewel tones go hand in hand and all the textures for clothes and the velvets and wools are just heavier textures for clothes I think jewel tones go really well to do a smokey eye and even eye liners that are jewel toned are really fun for winter, they’re not bright but they have a little bit of color to it I know for daytime a smokey eye is too much for people, but if you do a sheer wash or smudge around your lash line. Applying it lightly is nice or a deep red or vampy color on the lips for fall and holiday.

What is your go-to beauty product for fall?
Mark No Place To Run Eye Pencils come in 8 or 9 shades and the majority are jewel tones and to be honest I use them and wear them all year round because they come in the classic black and brown but come in bronze for summer and can transition to winter and can wear with dark smokey eye to rim it for a pretty chocolate brown smokey eye for fall, and they also have grey which I love and no one gives grey props but I think it’s so pretty on blondes and fair skinned tones grey is a sure way of getting your eyes lined without being too dramatic.