Maddie Ziegler Says Her Pink Hair Could Be ‘Better’ But We Totally Disagree

Elizabeth Denton
Maddie Ziegler Says Her Pink Hair Could Be ‘Better’ But We Totally Disagree
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She’s come a long way from Dance Moms. Maddie Ziegler is the latest celebrity to try pink hair while at home physical distancing, and the 17-year-old looks cooler than ever. We’re used to seeing the actress-slash-dancer with her sunny blonde hair, so when this new rose gold color popped up on Instagram, we couldn’t double-tap fast enough. In true Cool Teen fashion, Ziegler didn’t lead with her new hair. First, she posted a photo of a warm pink beach, the possible inspiration for her new look.

“This turned out better in my imagination,” Ziegler captioned her slideshow, alluding to her DIY dye job. You can see how the dancer’s darker roots were starting to come in so she dyed all the blonde a really pretty pink. Hey, if you can’t get your roots done right now, rosy hair is the perfect distraction. Ziegler’s second selfie shows her with a matching pink lip, which might be a filter. Either way, the color brightens up her entire complexion.

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this turned out better in my imagination

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Of course, Ziegler isn’t the only celebrity playing around with colorful shades while stuck (safe!) at home. Hilary Duff dyed her hair a bold blue color and chopped it into a bob and Dua Lipa gave her hair a wash of pink. Stars can’t put down the scissors either. Both Bella Hadid and Camila Cabello debuted new bangs. Hadid snipped hers herself and Cabello enlisted her mother’s help.

We don’t know exactly how Ziegler achieved this rose-gold hue but it’s possibly a color conditioner like Overtone or Uberliss. Both are a great way to add pigment to your hair without doing too much damage to the color you already have. They wash out in a few weeks, so your colorist is less likely to have to do some major color correction. Salons cannot (safely!) open soon enough.

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