makeup in the spring runway shows caught our eyes almost as much (or
more so) than the clothes– which seems like ages ago as we’re in the
midst of experiencing what’s to come for Fall 2010 already.

But, no one can forget the plum lips at Vena Cava or the bright eye shadow from Ruffian. 
M.A.C. Senior Artist Romero Jennings clues us in as to what will carry over
from the runways to the streets, and how to best pull it off.

SC: What should we look for in eye shadow trends for spring? What colors will be big?

Romero Jennings:
Shadows are used as sheer, colorful washes of color on lids and blended
up into the eye’s crease. Well-defined mascara and lashes will rule the
runways of everyday life. More mascara
means less liner is necessary to appear bright eyed and flirtatious!
Metallic golds, soft corals, pink, and even plum-lavender are must-have
eye shadow shades for s/s 2010. Think “snow cone” with syrup! Sheer
washes of spring loveliness will bloom us into spring 2010.

SC: Will a dark lip still play a big role this season in makeup trends or will other colors come into play?

Keep an eye open for a stained, deep plum lip, which looks great with
spring’s and summer’s warm-toned skin! This deep lip is a great
accessory to dress up a dressed-down summery look at your friend’s
beach house! It’s not your previous winter’s blackberry toned lip,
but the color that you get on your tongue and lips after eating that
cold grape popsicle in 90 degree weather– watch out for brain freeze!

SC: What do you predict will be the biggest makeup trend for spring? And how can we do it ourselves?

The big trend is finally the reintroduction of color! Look for color
that is worn on the lip, cheek, and eye, which all coordinate in a
uniformed balance. What makes it easy to wear is that it’s sheer to the
point of being almost transparent. The trick with application is to use
soft brushes and blend! Makeup made simple and easy, but effective.

SC: Cat eyes
have recently become popular again– do you think they’ll stay this
way, and what’s the easiest way to successfully apply the look?

Extending the eye into a cat-like shape is flattering on everyone. It
can give you a lift and make you look sultry, youthful, and happy. The
way to achieve this successfully is to slightly extend your liner with
a brush, even if you used a pencil to initially get a slight wing. Then
add one more coat of mascara onto the outer corner of the top lashes to
intensify the winged effect. So, the tip here is to let your mascara
help you! If you really want to know step-by-step how to create winged
liner easily, look for my liner video on

SC: What nail color trends do you think will be popular in the coming months?

Metallic nudes, light peach, light pink, and plum-lavender shades will
dominate nails, while complementing your new bold, patterned, or
subdued and neutral spring wardrobe. Color accents are big for this
upcoming season, sometimes paired with prints or neutrals. The
difference this year is that the bold neon nails of last year are now
wearable for work as well as play!

SC: What’s one makeup product you could never survive without, and why?

RJ: The one important makeup product that no one should be without is moisturizer. My favorite is the Lightful Deep Ultramoisture Creme from M.A.C. for the spring. It is a lightweight gel-like creme that
hydrates with botanicals that calm and smooth the skin– and smell
heavenly! Good skin means health and wealth, so don’t leave home
without foundation! If you have limited time in the morning to
moisturize, prime, and apply foundation–
a quick tip is to just put small amounts of primer, moisturizer, and
foundation on your hand and then blend them together with a soft brush
and apply. It will take seconds and you can be out the door without
feeling naked. You can add blush, lipstick, gloss, and mascara for a
quick, polished makeup look that can take a total of 7 minutes! Why
leave home without it?

Romero Jennings is a Senior
Artist at M.A.C Cosmetics, and has been with M.A.C for 17 years. He has
been doing makeup for 25 years, and his work has been featured in
multiple editorial magazines such as
Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Radar, Shape, Cosmopolitan, and Lifestyle Weekly.
Jennings also often styles celebrities such as Solange Knowles, Mary J.
Blige, Ciara, Fran Drescher, Laura Linney, Tim Gunn, and Cindy Lauper.
He’s created makeup for Broadway plays, music videos, fashion shows
from New York to Milan, and concert tours.