MAC Has A New Queen


I won’t bore you with the details, but last week I had a really intense psychic moment. My gut feeling was so on point that I’m thinking about quitting my day job and becoming the first fashion fortune-teller. I know what you’re thinking but before you go and completely disregard my possible career change, consider today’s beauty news. Dame Edna Everage, comedic drag queen extraordinaire, was named the new face of MAC cosmetics. And I swear, while watching The Birdcage this weekend (part of my Thanksgiving movie-a-thon) I thought to myself, “What ever happened to RuPaul? Remember when he/she was the face of MAC?? Those were the days…”

Dame Edna is like RuPaul’s white grandmother, and MAC has tapped her to create a line of age-appropriate makeup. Edna described the makeup saying “We came up with a range of colors that not only suit people of my age, but women at the threshold of life. They will be found in the handbags of the young and the old very soon.” Now despite my newfound ultra intuitive-ness, I never could have guessed the new names Edna created for her line. Like Kangarouge: a blue-ish red cheek color inspired by an intimate part of a kangaroo’s anatomy.