A Dog-Inspired Makeup Collection Is Finally Here (Seriously)

Rachel Adler
MAC Haute Dogs

Courtesy of MAC

While we are the first to admit that we are a dog-obsessed group – watching cute puppy videos for hours on end, and ceasing all work when it’s dog day in the office – we never thought we’d actually see the day when a dog-inspired beauty collaboration launched. But, MAC Cosmetics has done it again. “Haute Dogs” (because, of course) is a “well-groomed” product collection of “canine-inspired” hues launching this month.

This all basically means that the products are inspired by the fur tones of dogs – think soft neutrals and silver hues for your average poodle, shimmery golds for our beloved labs, and of course, a few berries thrown in there to represent your precious pups’ lips.

Courtesy of MAC

Courtesy of MAC


As if that weren’t enough, the ad campaigns to go along with the launch are representative of every dog owner who matches their pooch, but in couture form. The models’ hair is styled to match their respective dog precisely, and they are even striking the same exact pose as their pup. While it’s all a bit comical, the products are actually rooted in neutrals that we want to get our hands on – from a deep berry lip Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Labradorable to a nude nail polish in Very Important Poodle.

If you want to get in on the Haute Dog look (or just want to see pup-inspired beauty in person) the collection will be in stores August 20th for a limited time.

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