MAC To Bring Back Favorite Discontinued Products

Amanda Elser

Ever go into your local MAC Cosmetics’ store to be greeted with the heartbreaking news that your favorite product has been discontinued? Well, starting this Monday your luck may change. The company is listing 18 of the most requested lipsticks, lipglasses, and eye shadows from past collections and asking consumers to vote on Facebook for the ones they want back in their lives.

Voting will be from March 12 to March 30, and the top three winners in each category will be made into a limited-edition collection—M.A.C. By Request, available on in late July. Don’t think your ballot will make a difference? Get on Twitter and ask your friends to vote for your favorite products using the hashtag #MACBYREQUEST.

Below is the full list of products up for consideration via Allure:


3N (January 2008)
Moxie (September 1999)
Candy Yum Yum (April 2011)
Shitaki (March 2001)
Rocker (Red) (Fall 1999)
Eden Rocks (May 2001)


Emancipation (February 2011)
2N (January 2008)
Flash of Flesh (May 2005)
Icescape (December 2009)
Bait (June 2006)
Cult of Cherry (September 2008)


Moth Brown (March 2005)
Guacamole (May 2005)
Solar White (June 2008)
Cool Heat (June 2008)
Jeté (January 2006)
Heavenly Bliss (May 2001)