Ma Creme Nature


For those of you who wonder what exactly goes into all those fancy crèmes and lotions you use, L’Occitane has created the perfect product for you. Their Ma Crème Nature comes packaged with a concentrated preparation of organic olive tree extracts and a packet of enriched plant oils with olive oil, olive butter, and shea butter. All of the ingredients are natural and 19% are organic.

I was skeptical at first- wouldn’t it be easier to just buy a crème that is already made? The process of mixing together was actually pretty interesting. First, you add water to the concentration, and then slowly mix in with the enriched plant oils. As you stir the liquidy mixture, it starts to solidify into a crème, almost like a middle school science experiment.

Once you make your crème, it lasts for four weeks stored in your refrigerator. With it chilled, the crème is even more refreshing. It claims to leave your skin moisturized, rebalanced, and replenished and definitely delivers on those notes.

Ma Crème Nature will be available in L’Occitane stores starting April 1st.


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