The Lying Game’s Allie Gonino Takes On Neons And Neutrals

Rachel Adler
The Lying Game’s Allie Gonino Takes On Neons And Neutrals
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When a cute and animated Allie Gonino rushed into our offices a little late for our shoot (apologizing furiously for the traffic), I knew we would have a fun day, and I was right. In the flurry of New York Fashion Week, Allie rushed down to our studios in the early morning to crank out a full editorial before heading to a few days of shows — the girl certainly knows how to pack a schedule.

The 21-year-old bubbly blonde actress has made a name for herself playing Laurel in ABC Family’s The Lying Game, as well as performing with her band The Good Mad. She dished about how similar she is to her character Laurel, what her beauty go-to’s are, and why she calls herself a Little Monster.

Your character in The Lying Game has a lot of fun beauty looks from all the swanky parties she attends. What has been your favorite so far and what would you like to see in the future?

I love Laurel’s style. She gets to rock some really sweet looks while staying pretty youthful. I think my favorite outfit so far was the outfit where Laurel borrowed Sutton’s gold polka dot top and paired it with a high-waisted skirt and over the knee suede boots. It was sort of kick-ass cowgirl. I’d like to see her incorporate a little more black into her wardrobe since she’s getting older. And it’d be nice if the over the knee boots could also make another appearance.

When you’re not on set, how do you like to wear your hair and makeup?

Usually I like to go pretty minimal on the makeup, opting for just some powder, bronzer, blush, and mascara. I also love Laura Mercier’sStar Dust that just graces the tops of the cheeks, tip of the nose, and top of the forehead. It adds a really nice glow. Sometimes I’ll put on a black liquid eye liner and at night, I’ll throw a little on my eyebrows just to give my face some depth. As far as my hair is concerned, I’m pretty handicapped when it comes to doing cool hair styles so normally I just let it air dry or if I attempt to fix it, I like to use a hot stick and curl my hair.

What are some backstage beauty tricks you’ve learned along the way in your acting career?

I have really almond shaped eyes, which can cause me to look like my eyes are almost closed. To avoid this, instead of doing lots of dark shadow close to the lash on my eyelid, my makeup artist will put a light pink shadow to “open” my eyes. I’ve also learned that with a brighter blush, you’re not supposed to smile when you’re putting it on, so that it applies evenly. But with lighter blushes it’s OK.

What beauty trends (and fashion trends) are you looking forward to for spring?

Lady Gaga said that mint will be a huge hue this spring and as one of her little monsters I will probably be rocking some mint as well. I’ve never even really thought of it as a color to wear, mainly I guess because it hasn’t trended yet, but it is such a peaceful color and would probably help me to be more zen. I’m also going to try to rock some fabulous head pieces. Hayley Kiyoko gave me a beautiful vintage head piece for my 21st birthday and I can’t wait to wear it to a cool event. My favorite beauty trend, actually not really a trend because it never goes out of style, is moisturizing! Lots and lots of moisturizer.

What came first, music or acting? Do you love that you get to do both on this show?

From a professional stand point, music came first. I started playing the violin when I was seven, started singing on stage when I was nine, and then I didn’t really get into acting until I moved to L.A. when I was sixteen. But I think I’ve always been an actress. Video tapes of me as a little kid are funny to watch because I was always pretty dramatic. And I always knew I wanted to be in movies from a young age, I just never pursued it while living in Rockwall, TX. It is such a dream come true to be able to exercise both arts on The Lying Game. I feel incredibly blessed and fortunate. It’s taught me a lot about myself and has really helped me envision the musical career I do want to have.

Speaking of music, what plans do you have for your future acting career and your band The Good Mad?

During the hiatus, I’m going to be writing a lot of music, and may possibly record an EP with The Good Mad. But because I’m away from 2/3 of the band for most of the year for filming, it might turn into more of a side project for me at some point. It’s just really hard to try to make a band happen when the whole band isn’t together. But for now that’s what I’m going to be focusing on and we’ll see where it goes. You never know! As far as acting goes, I haven’t auditioned for much since I’ve been back in L.A. but I guess it’s possible that I could do a movie over my hiatus which would be great if it’s a project I’m excited about. The Lying Game is definitely a great job though, and if it’s all I do for a while in the acting department, that would be fine too. I’m just trying to go with the flow.

What are your beauty essentials for on stage?

Well my beauty regimen has definitely shifted from my days as a Stunner. For Stunner shows I’d usually have foundation and tons of makeup on. With The Good Mad I can be more low key, especially because I’m accompanied by two guys. My on-stage makeup is pretty similar to my day makeup but I’ll go a little heavier with the liquid eye liner and put on a sassy lip color. I never want my makeup to distract from the music or the show itself so I try not to go too wild.

Are you similar to your character Laurel? What do you love and hate about her?

I’m weirdly similar to Laurel. I think largely because I’ve based a lot of her characteristics on my 16 year-old self. I’m getting to learn a lot through her. My favorite thing about her is how loyal of a sister she is. Even when Sutton has her crazy bitch moments, Laurel is always honest with her. She’s a very strong person. There’s really nothing I hate about her so far. Although, I would like to see her sarcastic and witty side come out more. I love the sass she had in the first episode. She’s had to really be a rock for a lot of people this first season so it’s been hard for her to simply be herself.

Can you tell us what is in store for Laurel and her love life on the show?

I honestly have no idea! They haven’t told us anything about season two, and we haven’t even received an official pick-up. I don’t even think the writers know. I’d like to see Laurel be single for a while, or bring Justin back and have some sort of love triangle between Baz, Justin, and Laurel. Every girl knows what it’s like to have your heart being pulled in two different directions. That could also give her some great writing material for her music. Or my music!


Photographer: Spencer Wohlrab
Makeup Artist: Jordy Poon, Bryan Bantry
Hair Stylist: Marc Mena, Bryan Bantry
Manicurist: Aggie Zaro, Bryan Bantry
Model: Allie Gonino, ABC Family’s The Lying Game
Stylist: Dawnn Lee Mitchell
Editorial Director: Marni Golden
Beauty Director: Rachel Adler

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Manicurist Aggie Zaro suggested using a neutral polish paired with a bright neon, like we did above. (H&M White Chiffon Blouse,

Aggie also recommends to have fun with nail art, saying that she loves pairing similar bright colors together for a color blocking or ombre effect. Above she used MAC Cosmetics' Salad Dressed, Julep's Mandy and Essie's We Can Do It Pink.

Makeup artist Jordy Poon noted on set that when wearing bright neons, you want to keep all of the other colors that you have going on in mind, like hair color and clothing colors.  (H&M White Chiffon Blouse,

Hairstylist Marc Mena told us that the secret to keeping body in your hair is all about the product you put in (he loves a good mousse, and Garnier's Full Control Hairspray) and letting your curls set. (H&M White Blouse, $39.95, & H&M Orange Shorts, $24.95,

Marc also added a touch of color to Allie's hair with art store pastels (an old trick of his, and current trend) and Allie was totally into the look. (Topshop Chiffon Blouse with Cut-Out Back, $72, & Topshop Multi-Color Skirt, $80,

Jordy said that when it comes to bright lips, you can go matte or glossy, but just stop when it looks good. "You don't have to commit to the color on the bottle," said Jordy. He used Butter London's new lip gloss in Primrose Hill Picnic for our shoot. (H&M White Chiffon Blouse,; Topshop Green Denim "Leigh" Jeans, $76,

To brighten up the classic smokey eye, Jordy added a pop of purple on Allie's lids (using Lancôme Color Design Sensational Effects Eye Shadow in Cool Lavende) to contrast with the blue streaks in her hair. (H&M White Blouse, $39.95, & H&M Orange Shorts, $24.95,

To get a pop of color on the lashes, Jordy used Vincent Longo's Vibrant Eye Waterproof Mascara in Bluepaired with false blue lashes that he actually spray painted blue for extra oomph. He paired down the look with Dior Addict's nude lipstick in Beige Casual.

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